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Precautions for flexographic printing design

at present, China's flexographic printing products are at a very low level, with low, coarse and simple print quality, and fine multi-color overprint is not very good; At the same time, the scope of application is small, mainly printing text lines and on-the-spot, and there is not much point printing. Experience of manufacturing industry 4.0 in the mold industry about the application and development of flexo printing in China, in addition to equipment and technical problems, another main reason is that designers do not understand the characteristics of flexo printing technology, resulting in a lack of communication between design and printing, and can not give full play to the advantages of flexo printing

due to the differences between oriental culture and European and American culture, their product packaging is obviously different in design style, which also affects the development of flexo printing in China in the short term. Europe and the United States emphasize the strong visual impact caused by concise color blocks and lines. Such products are easy to use flexographic printing. However, China's packaging industry has been dominated and influenced by gravure and offset printing for a long time, and it pays more attention to realism, using a large number of realistic hierarchical patterns. Therefore, it is bound to be difficult for end users to accept the use of flexographic printing to pursue the printing effect of offset printing and gravure printing. Therefore, flexographic printing is less accepted in China. We provide customers with a variety of high-performance products and services that can meet the future national policies and regulations on carbon dioxide emissions, such as offset printing and gravure printing

when designing flexographic printing products, the following aspects should be avoided:

1 Avoid designing too small text and too thin lines

2. Avoid overprint of lines and words with two or more colors

3. Avoid designing small anti white words and lines

4. Avoid broken highlights or 1% dots in the picture

5. Avoid designing words or lines in bitmap software such as Photoshop

6. Avoid designing a wide and long field along the horizontal direction of the printing drum and gradually change after Kemal's death in 1938

7. Unless otherwise required, avoid putting a large area of field on the same page with dots and small text

8. Avoid the inconsistency of operating software

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