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Ye Tan: give the manufacturing industry with overcapacity a future

today you make money by steelmaking, and tomorrow he will build several blast furnaces immediately; Today you make money from organic vegetables, and tomorrow he immediately labels his vegetables with organic vegetables; Today you set up a wholesale market to make money, and the day after tomorrow the wholesale market will spring up

intentional action can cause evil, and unintentional action can also cause bad consequences. A friend of the author once raised characteristic pigs in a county, with brand, technology and good sales. The local government ordered the whole county to promote such pig breeds. As a result, it can be imagined that the brand premium was lost, there was no supervision, and the false was confused with the true one after another, and the technology was out of control, resulting in the deterioration of breeds

fixtures are the combination of these structures. The structures of these fixtures have their own advantages and disadvantages. Overcapacity and overly loose goods 5 After the cover plate is covered, the currency policy can be tested. The Bank of Japan has drawn lessons in this regard. The quantitative easing monetary policy, which has lasted for nearly two decades, on the one hand, has made the yen an arbitrage currency throughout the world; On the other hand, enterprises can get cheap and low interest loans, which can continuously produce more goods, but the innovation of enterprises and the popularity of products are not as rampant as money

large enterprises in China can get long-term parity loans, and even local governments endorse loans for enterprises on the grounds of developing the local economy. This has not only attracted enterprises, but also liars, and an endless stream of speculators staring at low interest loans for currency arbitrage. The author has said many times that the main thing is to compare the quality and accuracy of products. The virtualization of the real economy. In the case of economic downturn, financing iron, financing copper, financing real estate and so on emerge in endlessly. They are not interested in industry, but are interested in using product arbitrage. In the stock market, we have seen enterprises whose guarantees account for more than 80 times of their total assets, and enterprises whose liabilities far exceed their net assets. It may be that the entity is difficult to do, or it may be that the virtual profits are too easy. Almost all entity enterprises, whether Youngor or Gree, will enter the real estate field as long as they achieve a certain scale

low-cost funds poured out, and some enterprises or industries that received special attention developed indiscriminately, such as the photovoltaic industry. At present, photovoltaic enterprises are struggling, which is the typical reaction of the traditional manufacturing industry after spending money recklessly. Domestic consumption is not started, international consumption is saturated, the subsidy system is not improved, and the innovation mechanism comes from abroad. It is normal to hype domestic new energy for low-end overcapacity

the recent rescue of the photovoltaic industry emphasizes distributed power generation, which means that the government is trying to encourage Chinese people to consume solar energy; The government also emphasized the overcapacity in the industry and realized that the industry lacked the ability to innovate. I believe that in order to save this industry, the government will continue to inject cheap funds into large enterprises, but this time it has to. It is a completely different concept from the previous voluntary transmission

in the early stage of industrialization, it is understandable that the government loved enterprises to cultivate industry competitiveness and support the fledgling industry. China's construction machinery industry is the result of cultivation, but when the low-end manufacturing capacity is in vicious competition and no one can survive, the coarse Cedric Kennedy, who specializes in recycling waste plastics into 3D printing materials, must enter the system correction period

overcapacity is the result of resource mismatch, and the result of consumption and product mismatches. To establish a unified market, eliminate inappropriate subsidies, establish a fair monetary policy, and cultivate the backbone of domestic product consumption is to fundamentally save the domestic manufacturing industry and encourage industrial upgrading

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