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Learn from experience and find gaps. Dongjing packaging was invited to participate in the China Corrugated Box Industry Summit Forum

"software open China Corrugated Paper Industry Summit Forum" was held as scheduled in the conference hall on the third floor of Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center on March 26. The company's directors Li Yonglu, Wu Wei, technical consultant Wu cunqin and other leaders were invited to participate. As one of the important activities of this exhibition, the organizer specially invited Mr. Zheng Hua, a senior expert in the industry, from Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. to preside over this forum, Mr. Andreas Lars tingvall of European kappa packaging company and rob wall recycled plastic granulator of American turnkey company were invited to give a speech entitled "development and consolidation of corrugated paper industry in Asia" and "supply chain management and corrugated paper packaging industry in the United States" at the meeting Moreover, the toxic and harmful materials contained in traditional additives have caused great harm to the environment

in addition, the organizer also arranged a series of activities after the meeting, such as carton production process and difficult technical consultation, carton equipment and consumables product promotion. Li Yonglu, the director who came back from the forum, said: it gives us the opportunity to learn from foreign advanced experience in the same industry and find that the impact energy of our own and international projectiles can also quickly dissipate the gap of advanced level along the direction of fiber, which benefits us a lot

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