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Leading industry technology forward - afterword of Randy machine 2016 China glass exhibition

on April 14, the 27th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (chinaglass 2016) came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Randy machine, together with two product series of glass toughening equipment and fully toughened vacuum glass, brought internationally advanced glass deep-processing equipment and products to more than 20000 professional visitors from more than 60 countries in the four-day exhibition

Randy machine, which has participated in the China Glass Exhibition for several consecutive years, sent a marketing service team of more than 50 people to help the exhibition go smoothly this year. At this exhibition, Randy booth is located in the center of W3 hall, with a combination of Chinese and Western design styles. The technical index of permeability means that the water vapor dispersion resistance has the traditional Chinese sense of mellow atmosphere, and contains the beauty of Western simplicity and fluency. The whole booth is in a square structure, and the round platform in the center is surrounded by exquisite products processed by Randy equipment in the four fields of building furniture, home appliances, automobiles and solar energy. At the same time, the Randy fully tempered vacuum glass exhibits in the front of the platform perfectly fit in the door and window design, which is particularly eye-catching. Surrounded by exquisite exhibits, the exquisitely designed rectangular glass test box, "touch me" invited people who stopped to watch to reach out and experience the excellent performance of Randy V glass

in this exhibition, the newly launched all tempered vacuum glass of Randy machine has become the biggest highlight of the exhibition. As a high-end product in the glass industry, the R & D of fully tempered vacuum glass has invested a lot of money in glass enterprises in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. After several years of scientific research and exploration, there are still few achievements. Randy successfully combined the vacuum glass with the hydraulic universal testing machine in the ordinary protection, mainly the main engine maintenance and tempering technology, endowed the impact resistance and other safety characteristics of the tempered glass into the vacuum glass, and launched Randy V glass fully tempered vacuum glass. From the 3D animation played on the giant screens on both sides of Randy booth, to the eye-catching creative posters inside, to the temperature experience of the central test cabinet, the excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction performance of v-glass were vividly displayed in front of professional audiences. The leading day of the exhibition attracted many customers to understand and consult. In order to better show v-glass to customers at home and abroad, Randy machine held a technical lecture with the theme of "new breakthrough in vacuum glass", aiming at the five technologies that support the excellent performance of v-glass, and comprehensively displaying seven advantages including complete tempering, heat insulation, etc. there were no empty seats on the scene, and many spectators stood and listened to the whole lecture. In addition to all tempered vacuum glass, the tempering equipment of Randy's fist products is still unprecedented. The Randy steel series forced convection tempering unit, which has been in existence for one year, has maintained its momentum. The sales manager spoke carefully about its performance advantages, and the customers listened carefully. At the same time, the upgraded jetconvection forced convection technology is favored by customers. J+ in terms of air circulation speed, heating efficiency and heating balance, the feedback data value of the sensor can form a straight line to improve, which can be more perfect tempered double silver and three silver high-end Low-E glass products, and further improve the quality of tempered glass. Just last year, Randy's double chamber tempering equipment using jetconvection forced convection technology successfully toughened solarban 72 starre Low-E glass, which is the most difficult to toughen in the industry, further establishing Randy's leading position in the field of glass tempering technology

during the four-day exhibition, thousands of customers from dozens of countries and regions came to Randy's booth to consult Randy's latest toughening technology and fully toughened vacuum glass products, exchange experience and experience in glass deep processing, and explore the prospects and trends of industry development. In the future, Randy will uphold the purpose of making life safer and better, devote itself to the field of glass deep processing, lead the industry technology forward, and help global glass deep processing enterprises achieve new breakthroughs

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