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Baths who lead the public cloud service market do their best

according to Chen Wei, director of the software service industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the 13th five year plan for cloud computing of the Ministry of industry and information technology has been launched. It is reported that the development ideas and priorities of China's cloud computing industry in 2014 are: cultivating leading enterprises and building a complete industrial chain; Encourage powerful large enterprises to merge and reorganize and concentrate resources; Give play to the leading role of leading enterprises in industrial development and build a cloud computing industry chain. Therefore, some people in the industry believe that China's cloud computing industry is about to usher in a golden development opportunity, or is expected to usher in explosive growth

in fact, in the public cloud market, it has formed a pattern led by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, the three Internet giants, and Huayun data ((), the largest independent cloud computing service provider in China at present, that is, the top four of bath. The topic of bath has recently become a hot topic in major media reports. Some media reports even believe that the competition among these four manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce, and there will be a fierce battle in the future. But the author believes that in fact, baths have their own priorities. At present, they show their own abilities in the field of public cloud services. Of course, with the development of the market, there will inevitably be competition in the future, but competition will lead to development. In any case, cloud computing is booming in China

Baidu cloud is more about personal public cloud services

as we all know, due to its strong user base in the search engine field, baidu cloud takes the lead in the personal cloud service market. In addition to its powerful cloud storage services, baidu cloud also launched address books, photo albums, Notepad, retrieval, games, cloud health, cloud video playback, file decompression, multi terminal synchronization Various innovative functions and unique services such as offline download

at the same time, baidu cloud also frequently cooperates with some manufacturers in the field of intelligent hardware and health wearable, constantly launching new products and applications to bring more rich experience to users

Alibaba cloud focuses on enterprise and Industry Cloud Services

Alibaba cloud, which has been working since 2009, has formed a complete cloud service covering functions from distributed cloud operating system to CDN network acceleration, to big data services, and has opened up the whole process of cloud computing

Alibaba's own large-scale e-commerce business practice and verification is undoubtedly a major advantage of Alibaba cloud. Alibaba cloud combines Internet innovation with big data development innovation, and constantly introduces products, applications and services based on the current domestic user needs. For example, Alibaba cloud has been cooperating with Meimei, a well-known manufacturer of waste plastic particles for household appliances, which has been in short supply, to promote the application and experience of smart appliances and smart homes; Another example is the innovation of Internet Finance yu'e Bao and the cooperation with Neusoft to provide cloud services for the government, public utilities, enterprises, it operations, etc

in general, Alibaba cloud not only directly provides cloud services for its e-commerce customers, but also cooperates with home appliance, software manufacturers and other manufacturers in the form of platforms to jointly provide cloud services for users

Tencent cloud connects people to things

Tencent is committed to becoming a company that connects everything. At the 2014 trusted cloud services conference held recently, Chen Xiaojian, vice president of Tencent cloud computing, said. As we all know, Tencent used to be a company that connected people, and more importantly, it provided an open social platform for individual users. In the future, Tencent will be committed to connecting all objects, such as intelligent hardware, intelligent appliances, etc. by building a high-quality, universal cloud platform, all users can easily obtain low-cost services

Tencent's cloud services mainly include technical services and value-added services. In value-added services, a large part is based on big data services, which provide users with cloud services based on big data by building a big data platform, building Tencent cloud analysis platform and launching data push services (such as carrier pigeon services, etc.)

at the same time, Tencent cloud is also rapidly building its own ecosystem, and through the 100 million yuan support plan and cooperation with venture capital institutions, it provides small and medium-sized enterprises with multi-directional cloud computing services, including cloud servers, cloud databases, NoSQL high-speed storage, elastic web services, cloud analysis, cloud monitoring, cloud security and other basic services, cloud integration solutions and so on

industry insiders believe that under the innovative service mode, Tencent cloud is more like an incubator, just like building traditional industrial parks and local incubation bases, to help more small and medium-sized enterprises seek development opportunities through mobile Internet in the form of creating high-quality ecosystem services

Huayun data, which has IDC gene and is deeply rooted in the twin ecosystem

is different from bat in building their own cloud ecosystem based on their own cloud services. Huayun data focuses on research and development. In the future, the implementation of universal suffrage for the executive seat in Hong Kong must still take this as the constitutional basis and the operation of commercial cloud computing infrastructure, and provide IT solutions and outsourcing services based on cloud computing for domestic and global customers

with the help of years of accumulation in the IDC field and years of research and development and exploration in the cloud computing field (mainly at the IAAs and PAAS levels), and through continuous innovation in technology and business models, Huayun data innovatively adopts the traditional IDC to cloud strategy and the double biosphere strategy of cloud for software companies to develop and provide integrated cloud computing services for users, So that more small and medium-sized enterprise users can develop and deliver various cloud applications based on the cloud platform provided by Huayun data

it is understood that as an independent cloud computing service provider with IDC gene, Huayun data has many years of operation practice in the field of IDC and cloud mobile computing, with profound technical accumulation and more mature operation experience. In March this year, the fourth generation architecture cloud computing products of Huayun data were officially launched, making breakthroughs in system architecture, performance, stability and security, flexibility, operation and maintenance and services

the biggest highlight of the cloud computing products of the fourth generation architecture of Huayun data is relying on the cloud computing resource scheduling and management system cloud nest independently developed by Huayun. Cloud nest is a one-stop elastic computing access platform, which integrates support for mainstream virtualization platforms such as Xen, KVM, VMware, and can fully support isomerization management mainstream cloud computing platforms. With programmable access, it can obtain computing resources, network resources and storage resources on demand, flexibly and in real time, and supports Java/Net/php/and other development methods, and has the outstanding advantage of supporting plug-in integration, which can be used only by simple configuration. Through deep cultivation in the resource scheduling layer, cloud nest can greatly improve the resource utilization rate, quickly take over the complex traditional IT architecture inside the enterprise and quickly cloud it, and access to the public cloud through a secure private network. Guoxiao, vice president of Huayun data architecture and resources department, said

it is also known that hard disk i/o is the biggest bottleneck of virtual machine performance. As a core indicator of virtual machine, i/o directly determines the reading and writing speed of hard disk data. The new generation of cloud products of Huayun data adopts more advanced technology in terms of technical architecture and storage algorithm, and its hard disk i/o speed has reached the first in the industry in the field of public cloud

some people in the industry believe that the potential huge market of cloud computing requires high-precision photoelectric encoder to collect information and improve accuracy. The direct pull of government cloud service outsourcing and the national policy to stimulate information consumption will undoubtedly be conducive to the development of local cloud computing manufacturers in China. With the further implementation of the 13th five year plan for cloud computing and the growing maturity of cloud computing and cloud storage technology, more and more enterprises will choose to build information technology systems in the cloud; The further acceleration of the localization of information equipment is bound to make the cloud computing industry achieve explosive growth

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