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Leading the development of the industry, BYD forklift won the intelligent logistics award

on July 12, the 11th China logistics and supply chain informatization conference 2019, jointly hosted by the China Federation of logistics and procurement and the Hefei municipal government, was officially held in Hefei, Anhui Province. Zhu CE, vice mayor of Hefei, he liming, President of the China Federation of logistics and procurement, Cui Zhongfu, vice president, Yang Bo, deputy director of the transportation and Logistics Department of the economic operation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission More than 1000 leaders including yuxingyuan, director of the freight and logistics management division of the transportation service department of the Ministry of transport, and enterprise representatives from all over the country participated in the industry event

as an excellent partner of logistics enterprises and a leader of new energy forklifts, BYD forklift also participated in this conference, discussing with many experts and scholars in the logistics industry and enterprise executives how to build a new industrial system with data as the core driving factor through the intellectualization of logistics equipment and the digital transformation of the logistics industry in the context of the national strategic development of "Digital China", Improve the efficiency of supply chain resource allocation, promote enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and help enterprises plan for the future

global leader in new energy technology

BYD forklift won the logistics industry award

as the world's leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, BYD has now become a brand-new business card made in China, and its independently developed new core technologies such as battery, IGBT, motor and electronic control are in a leading position in the world. Thanks to BYD's failure to evaluate the oxygen permeability and water content of polyurethane hydrogels obtained from different hydrophilic monomers in the field of new energy technology, it was found that in the inp4h-he-ma hydrogel system, with the increase of the content of hydrophilic monomer NVP, the water content increased, and the oxygen permeability first decreased and then recovered to the initial value, breaking through. The quality and performance of BYD new energy forklifts are also very excellent in the logistics industry

at this informatization conference, in recognition of BYD forklift's outstanding contribution to promoting the intelligent and green development of logistics, China Federation of logistics and purchasing specially awarded it the "2019 excellent case of intelligent logistics equipment innovation and application" award, hoping that BYD forklift can continue to improve research and development efforts, accelerate technological upgrading, and bring more efficient and green forklifts to logistics enterprises in the future

BYD forklift helps the logistics industry

achieve digital development

digitization has become the main theme of the development of the logistics industry. From the most basic TMS, OMS, WMS to today's more efficient cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, the continuous progress of digital technology has formed a huge efficiency revolution wave in the logistics industry, bringing more abundant means and ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency to logistics enterprises

in warehousing and logistics, the emergence of AGV can be said to have completely overturned the original operation mode. Intelligent identification and intelligent handling have brought about a doubling of efficiency and a substantial reduction in costs. As a world-renowned supplier of storage equipment, BIA has its own AGV products

You can rest assured that

BYD AGV is equipped with laser navigation, laser anti-collision sensor and mechanical anti-collision sensor, which can not only guide accurately, but also ensure that the vehicle operation is always in a safe state. When an obstacle enters the scanning area of the anti-collision sensor, the forklift receives induction and decelerates automatically. If the obstacle has a direct impact on the performance and failure of the oil pump, the forklift will automatically stop running when it is very close to or collides with the forklift. At the same time, BYD AGV products can realize path selection independently, and can complete path adjustment without laying ground magnetic strips or modifying ground labels. It can also automatically charge and sleep, greatly extending the service life of the battery

in addition, BYD AGV will also be equipped with a warehouse management system and a vehicle scheduling system according to customer needs, which can interface with the customer's ERP system to complete warehousing, outbound, inventory material inventory, and greatly save management costs while continuously improving work efficiency

green, efficient and low cost

BYD forklift improves enterprise competitiveness

in the storage scenario, the exhaust emissions brought by fuel forklift make many employees who have worked in the warehouse miserable. According to statistics, the exhaust emission of a fuel forklift is about the same as that of 100 cars. A large amount of exhaust accumulated in the warehouse will cause great harm to the staff. BYD new energy forklift adopts its independently developed lithium iron phosphate battery, which will not cause any pollution in the whole process from production, use, charging to post-treatment, not only will it not affect the health of employees, but also is very friendly to the natural environment

in addition, the charging speed of BYD battery is very fast. It takes about hours for ordinary lead-acid battery to be fully charged, while the lithium iron phosphate battery of BYD forklift can be fully charged in about 2 hours, and it can be used and charged at any time. More importantly, ordinary lead-acid batteries will be scrapped after being used for 4000 times, while the battery capacity retention rate of BYD's lithium iron phosphate battery is still greater than 75% after 4000 cycles. If it is charged once a day, the battery of a normal BYD forklift can be used for more than 10 years

it is understood that although the procurement cost of BYD new energy forklift is higher than that of fuel forklift and lead-acid battery forklift, from the perspective of the whole life cycle of forklift, BYD forklift can save more costs for logistics enterprises. If the logistics enterprise can maintain the forklift service time of more than 8 hours per day, the comprehensive cost of BYD new energy forklift can be saved as much as 80% compared with the fuel forklift and 50% compared with the lead-acid battery forklift within the forklift life cycle

in addition, in terms of safety, BYD forklifts are also equipped with corresponding safety auxiliary settings. BYD forklift has a wide field of vision, high comfort seats, and is equipped with OPS sensors. If the driver leaves the seat or the posture is not standard, the forklift will automatically lock and cannot operate, so as to avoid danger. In addition, measures such as overload protection and turning speed limit are also set to maximize the driver's personal safety

nowadays, China's overall economic environment is in a downturn. Digital transformation and green environmental protection have brought new pressure to logistics enterprises, which has formed a huge challenge to logistics enterprises with low profit margins. BYD forklift, as an international leading new energy forklift brand, with its world leading advanced technology, provides logistics enterprises with high-quality logistics equipment with green environmental protection, scientific and technological intelligence, cost reduction and efficiency increase, which perfectly meets the needs of current logistics enterprises and becomes the best choice for logistics enterprises' storage equipment

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