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A qualitative leap in digital reconstruction of motor control and protection system

the audience gathered in front of an electric control cabinet. Although separated by a glass, people can still feel the simplicity and beauty of the whole cabinet. During the 2019 China International Industry Expo, Schneider Electric, a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, attracted much attention. This cabinet is the application of Schneider Electric's new generation TeSys Island digital motor control and protection scheme

compared with the traditional electric control cabinet, the industry, University and Research Institute "compete for excellence": Tsinghua Shuguang cyanide Research Institute, Huali Taifa aromatics Research Institute, Huali Jinshan fine chemical research base, and Beihua Hongtai biological research institute have completed the registration; The recent signing of the cooperation agreement of Beihua anqing Institute of resources and environment shows that space is saved. However, as a new modular motor intelligent control solution with communication function launched by Schneider Electric, the invisible digital attribute of TeSys Island brings manufacturers a qualitative leap in use, and helps equipment manufacturers integrate perfectly into the era of industrial IOT while simplifying

interconnection enables manufacturers' digital benefits

digitalization is undoubtedly a hot word at present. Digitalization is driving a new revolution in all fields, even in the small field of motor control

how to truly realize the intellectualization of motor control and protection and enhance product performance through digital scheme? How to make the starting, switching, fault protection, identification and restart of the motor more flexible? How to ensure the safety and efficiency of operation and maintenance, improve energy efficiency, and optimize cost and asset management

for the above problems faced by equipment manufacturers and end users, the solution provided by Schneider Electric is TeSys Island digital motor control and protection system. Relying on the digital power of TeSys Island, the motor becomes smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective

tesys island is a digital intelligent product, which can realize distributed control, remote monitoring, intelligent protection, energy consumption monitoring, debugging and other functions, which brings a qualitative leap to customers' installation, application and operation and maintenance. Said Zhang Fan, vice president of low voltage business marketing department of Schneider electric energy efficiency management

at the same time, Yang Rui, product manager of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low-voltage business motor control and protection business, introduced that TeSys Island inherits the safety, reliability, efficiency and green quality of Schneider Electric TeSys series, and has the characteristics of interconnection. On this basis, it integrates design integration, control communication, product modularization and contactor intelligence, bringing more digital benefits to operation and management

design integration is to use starter module to combine contactor and thermal relay into one, so as to enhance the flexibility of system deployment; Control communication, PLC controls the contactor system through the field bus, making it more interconnected; Product modularization, based on a variety of product modules and avatar function blocks suitable for different industrial applications, can realize the control, protection and energy consumption monitoring of loads below 80 amps, and can help users save design, wiring and debugging time; The intelligent contactor, relying on digital technology, realizes the measurement of all electrical parameters of constant speed motor and the intelligent diagnosis and comprehensive protection of contactor life alarm, overload protection and phase sequence fault

it is particularly worth mentioning that the digital system with TeSys Island contactor as the core adopts the innovative TeSys avatar function block for industrial practical application in the next 10 years. Its digital twin functional attributes can help users achieve more efficient equipment integration. Yang Rui revealed that, compared with traditional solutions, TeSys Island eliminates the need for control loop wiring, eliminates the need for i/o modules and intermediate relays, improves the equipment integration speed by about 40%, and saves installation costs by about 30%. At the same time, TeSys island can realize preventive maintenance and fault early warning functions. When abnormal electrical load behavior is detected, equipment downtime can be avoided. Through intelligent maintenance and service, equipment maintenance time can be reduced by about 50%

not only that, based on its interconnection ability, TeSys Island seamlessly embeds Schneider Electric's ecostruxure machine architecture, and cooperates with Schneider Electric's latest Modicon m262, ecostruxure selection tools, etc., so as to provide end users with a comprehensive and complete digital ecosystem and obtain greater business opportunities and performance benefits in an increasingly competitive environment

Centennial innovation leads the development trend in the field of motor control and protection

in fact, Schneider Electric has been working in the field of motor control and protection for nearly a century. It is its continuous accumulation of leading advantages and never-ending innovation attempts, as well as its accurate grasp of market trends, that has won wide recognition and good reputation in the industry. Now, with the launch of TeSys Island, Schneider Electric once again leads the development trend in the field of motor control and protection

we are a leader in this industry. We have nearly 100 years of experience and have been committed to innovation. From the well-known TeSys D series to the launch of TeSys Island, we have always led the development of the industry to meet the changing needs of customers. Zhang Fan pointed out that with the increasing demand of industry users for motor control and protection products, they put forward higher requirements for such products, such as digitalization and intelligence, on the basis of safety and stability. Schneider Electric has always adhered to the development of the times and made innovations based on the actual needs of customers

when explaining the product design idea, gengyubiao, director of motor control and protection business of Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business, also stressed that TeSys island was developed after a lot of research and combined with the potential needs of customers. In the previous communication with customers, we found that at present, more and more customers want to obtain more business increment and introduce more models to the international market. At the same time, they want to improve their efficiency and profits, including installation efficiency and subsequent debugging performance. The third is how they can achieve more efficient collection and utilization of equipment data in this wave of data, Thus, it has more intelligent functions such as preventive maintenance

Geng yubiao said that Schneider Electric selected some major customers in the industry for the early product trial of TeSys island. In the process of current use, the feedback results and evaluations of these customers are exciting. Of course, TeSys island is just the beginning, and we still have a longer way to go in the future. We will adhere to the digital strategy, launch more digital star products to consolidate our different applications and invest in our future to further expand the scene

in this regard, Zhang Fan also confidently said that since our first contactor came into the market in 1924, Schneider Electric has been continuously innovating. From the original traditional components to the current digital and intelligent product solutions, we will and will firmly lead the industry to a smarter direction

focus on the Chinese market Schneider Electric China hub is put into operation

China is the largest market for Schneider Electric's control and protection business, and Schneider Electric has maintained a leading market position for a long time. At the same time, China has always been the core of Schneider Electric's business and one of the cores of global R & D and manufacturing, and has been constantly innovating and developing new products for the Chinese market and customers

as a multinational industrial enterprise with global thinking and localized operation, Schneider Electric attaches great importance to the cultivation of local R & D forces. Zhang Fan revealed that in order to focus on the Chinese market, further shorten the cycle from product research and development to listing, and customize more competitive innovative products for Chinese customers, Schneider Electric China hub was officially put into operation this year

the hub we mentioned can be understood as a capability or R & D center with products as the axis. Zhangfan explained. At present, with its high durability and easy protection, we have three hubs in the world. One is in North America, which is responsible for the markets of Canada, the United States and Mexico, while the hub in Europe covers the Eurasian markets outside North America and China. Only China hub is completely independent, which is specifically responsible for China

the functions of China hub cover R & D, marketing, commerce and other links. Zhang Fan said that Schneider Electric will put more products into China hub to manage in the future, including the R & D and marketing of new products. For example, in the area of digital products, we will take TeSys island as an example to carry out iterative upgrading. In addition, our brand-new product series will also be launched one after another, and the operation will be unstable

it may take three to five years from the research and development of products to the market, but after the establishment of China hub, the product launch time may only take one to two years, which can greatly shorten the time of product launch. This is one of the main reasons why we set up China hub. Zhangfan said

another point is that we can grasp the Chinese market more accurately. For a product, if China is our main market, we hope to make accurate and rapid decisions to meet the needs of Chinese customers 100%, and make more adjustments in product design without considering the needs of other countries' markets for the time being

it can be seen that the establishment of China hub shows Schneider Electric's attention to China as a market and its optimism for China's great potential in the future. Zhang Fan pointed out

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