The hottest leather is solid and durable, and the

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The leather is solid and durable! XCMG excavator Lean quality big start

leather is solid and durable! XCMG excavator Lean quality big start

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for example: wedge clamp

Tuquan County, Wulanhaote, Inner Mongolia, is located in the transition zone between the middle of the great Hinggan Mountains and the Songliao plain, belonging to low mountains and hills. The county is extremely rich in natural resources. It is a large resource county in northern China. It also provides a place to use and an arena for all brands of construction machinery and equipment with excellent processing system

here, "reliable performance, high efficiency and energy saving" is always the theme word that people pay attention to and PK each other

3500 hours of continuous high-intensity operation in 7 months, and the performance of domestic excavators is eye-catching

at the gate of an open-pit coal mine in the county, Manager Gao, a person in charge with the typical appearance and personality of northeast people, raised his voice and said: "We have used almost all the construction machinery brand equipment. But in the end, we chose to focus on the domestic time-honored brand Xiagong equipment. After all, the leather is durable and reassuring. Because we didn't ask mold technicians to participate in the mold trial work. The mining task in the mining area is heavy, and the equipment needs to work twice a day. If the quality is not good, this work can't be done. You see, this batch of excavators of Xiagong have been working here fast Seven months, the average working time of each machine is about 3500 hours, and the performance is very stable. "

hearing this, everyone immediately became interested. In order to find out, everyone followed the senior manager into the mining area

the temporary roads leading to the mining area are pockmarked everywhere. The boundless horizon is suddenly far and near, making people suddenly feel the vastness of the northeast

when I arrived at the mining area, I saw hundreds of loaders, excavators, mining trucks and other equipment working in a busy and orderly manner in the mining area

under the leadership of Manager Gao, we finally saw the legendary "construction weapon" - XCMG xg836fl crawler excavator

these Xiagong excavators are extremely prominent on the vast construction site, which also makes the slightly lonely site full of vitality

"our choice is right. This batch of equipment is the most stable and reliable domestic excavator I have seen in the industry for so many years. Except for daily maintenance, there are few minor defects. The work task in the mining area is heavy, and we race against time every day, so we can use it with great confidence."

obviously, the high-intensity operation efficiency and stable quality performance of this batch of equipment made Manager Gao look at the performance of domestic excavators with admiration and firmly believe in his original choice

national brands are guaranteed, efficient and energy-saving

the mining area under the responsibility of Manager Gao is a large local open-pit coal mine, located in the northwest of Tuquan County, covering an area of about 10 square kilometers, with a planned mining depth of 170 meters. The mining task will reach 60million cubic meters in 2018

due to the dry local climate, high soil density, high hardness, and huge amount of dust during operation, multiple equipment work together, and the noise is very high, which puts forward higher requirements for the reliable performance and humanized design of products

it is obvious that Xiamen Engineering Group, the equipment manufacturer, has long carried out customized upgrading for such a complex and harsh construction environment: by using the main pump with large flow, high hydraulic power and KPM new kmx15rb main valve, the operation coordination is higher and the ability to deal with hard soil operations is improved

at the same time, the lengthened and widened walking frame and 600mm mine type crawler are used to make the equipment more durable. The cab adopts a new type of liquid sealed shock absorber, which greatly reduces noise and vibration, and optimizes the layout of the operating system to make the operation more comfortable

we found a driver Xiao Zhang at the scene. He comes from Tongliao, Jilin Province. Although he is only 25 years old this year, he has 8 years of working experience and is an old excavator driver

he said, "compared with the excavator I've driven before, I feel that the overall coordination of this machine is good, the excavation is powerful, the efficiency is high, and it only takes two and a half minutes to fill a car, and it saves fuel. I calculated that the fuel consumption of digging earth is only 28 liters per hour, which can save a lot of money in a month. I plan to work in the mine for a few more years, save some money by myself, and buy one."

"in recent years, when I use this excavator, my troubles have decreased a lot, and my spare time has increased a lot. My friends thought I was transferred! At the beginning of next year, the task volume of our company will increase, and we will choose Xiamen workers, and we hope to continue our cooperation with Xiamen workers." Manager Gao, the person in charge of the mining area standing aside, added

"the national brand of XCMG is guaranteed. We support domestic brands and are proud that the large tonnage of domestic excavators can reach this level."

link: XCMG xg836fl crawler excavator

xg836fl crawler excavator is a new and upgraded version of XCMG xg836el. The whole machine is equipped with a new configuration in 2014 or reaching 2 trillion yuan, and its performance is stable. The ECU independently developed by Xiamen Engineering Group and Kawasaki's new kmx15rb multi-channel control valve are adopted, and the working efficiency is increased by 10%; The new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly EFI engine meets the gb-iii emission standard, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is reduced by 5%; The pressure of hydraulic system is increased, and the profession should deal with hard soil operation; With an enlarged fuel tank, it has a longer endurance capacity; Strengthen the external structural parts to make the service life of the equipment more durable; The daily maintenance parts are centrally arranged, and the maintenance operation is simple and convenient, with low maintenance cost. It is a domestic excavator with high comprehensive cost performance ratio

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