The most popular Telecom and China Eastern Airline

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Chinatelecom and China Eastern Airlines completed the first commercial test of satellite broadband air to ground interconnection in 2014. If the test speed is too fast or too slow, the test results will be different. According to the news on July 23, with the approval of the relevant national business departments, Chinatelecom and China Eastern Airlines' pull tester, etc. have successfully completed the flight mission from Shanghai to Beijing by using the first commercial test flight of satellite broadband air to ground interconnection in Chinese Mainland jointly built according to different industries, and opened the prelude to the opening of air interconnection services to civil aviation passengers. Chinatelecom and China Eastern Airlines will present all-round air interconnection services to the vast number of passengers

it is understood that before the first flight of the commercial test flight, China Eastern Airlines, Chinatelecom and Panasonic avionics jointly conducted a ground static network operation test using satellite communication to realize air to ground interconnection in Shanghai a few days ago, and conducted a comprehensive test on whether the air can realize passenger real name authentication, microblog interaction, network video, and the elimination method is to remove the glass page of the dial to browse

this means that after the success of the static test on the ground and the dynamic test during the flight in the air, the passengers' network travel through the satellite connected air interconnection has been hoped to bring help to everyone

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