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Teleperformance helps travel and transportation multinational companies provide high-quality customer service. The explosive growth is mainly to improve their toughness and drive the scale of outsourcing industry in China. In China's new economic transportation industry, there is a large travel and transportation multinational company that provides services to 300 cities in 58 countries around the world. They have millions of users, and show explosive growth

the huge and rapidly growing number of users is both an opportunity and a challenge. How to provide them with high-quality customer service has become a difficult problem. The multinational company needs outsourcing partners of sufficient scale

in order to keep the Chinese market growing exponentially at the same time, the multinational company decided to outsource its customer service center to a number of suppliers whose income of ground workers was about 1500 yuan. Teleperformance Internet enterprise credit is favored by the customer because of its multinational business capability and rapid expansion capability

teleperformance Internet enterprise information solutions

provide incoming and outgoing calls to customers' drivers and passengers, so please regularly check the outgoing call user service support

combined with the specific situation of the customer and teleperformance Internet enterprise information's years of customer service experience, The final solution given by teleperformance Internet enterprise trust is to combine the ordering process of a background service in India to support the passengers and drivers of the multinational company operating in China and provide them with inbound and outbound call service support

specific method 1: successful recruitment

we continue to provide customers with high-quality seating personnel through best practices in recruitment, employment, training and employee development

in just six months, teleperformance Internet enterprise trust has increased the number of seats from 75 to 550 to meet the rapid growth of customer business and labor demand

specific method 2: maximum quarterly performance

in the past 6 months, we have promoted process efficiency to increase driving process efficiency

all suppliers that have increased the number of transaction orders by 35% per hour in the past six months while maintaining the highest quartile performance

teleperformance Internet enterprise trust is a professional global outsourcing customer service provider with mature Chinese market experience. The number of multinational enterprises it has served far exceeds that of other peer enterprises

in combination with the specific situation of the customer and the years of customer service experience of teleperformance Internet enterprise trust, the performance of last year was commendable p>

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