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Leading technology and ingenuity create XCMG roller to make a strong attack on Las Vegas

leading technology and ingenuity create XCMG roller to make a strong attack on Las Vegas

China Construction Machinery Information

. XCMG group, a leading enterprise from Orient construction machinery, attracted a large number of fans at home and abroad for its international model of high-end equipment. Among them, 3 rollers were especially eye-catching when they were dressed up. XCMG has been committed to the main business of construction machinery for 8 years, as shown in Figure 9. The production history of XCMG roller has also been nearly 60 years. The joint attack of three compaction machines of XCMG highlights the craftsmanship quality of XCMG compaction machinery

leading in technology and becoming the global leader in compaction machinery

the three road rollers cv123u, xmr303s and cv83pd in this exhibition come from XCMG road machinery business unit, the world's largest manufacturing base of construction and maintenance machinery, of which cv123u and xmr303s are new products for the first time. Adhering to the action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", these three roller products are specially designed and manufactured by XCMG for the high-end market in North America. They have the characteristics of reliable quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, excellent performance and convenient maintenance. They all meet the emission requirements of the final four stages (tier4f) in the United States. Their safety performance has passed the North American Certification and are extremely in line with the operating habits in North America

the cv123u roller launched this time is an upgraded brand-new work based on XCMG cv122 roller. Cv122 has been sold in batches in North America for many years, and the market feedback is good. On its basis, cv123u is an updated brand-new work after full market research, and the reliability of the whole machine has been strengthened. It has the characteristics of large exciting force, high compaction efficiency and good compaction quality, It can ensure that all systems are in the high efficiency zone under most working conditions. In addition, the whole machine performance monitoring system will display the parameters and status of the whole machine in real time on the LCD display screen, provide relevant information in time for maintenance and repair, effectively prevent machine damage, and extend the service life of the product


another xmr303s light roller with an overall weight of only 3 tons debuted in North America. The product has the advantages of high reliability, low noise, strong power, low fuel consumption and flexibility. High frequency vibration and large exciting force design technology are adopted to make the roller have large action depth and high operation efficiency. At the same time, XCMG's proprietary grading technology greatly improves the flatness of compacted pavement. In addition, the cv83pd vibratory roller continues the previous stable style, with the characteristics of large exciting force, high compaction efficiency and good compaction quality. It is widely used in the compaction of foundation layer, sub foundation layer and rock filling in highways, railways, airports, ports, dams and industrial construction sites. The three models have good overall performance and have entered the world's advanced ranks, It has competed with international famous brands in major construction projects at home and abroad for dozens of times to show the world the strength of "made in China"

struggle to surpass the gap of XCMG rolling for a century

as early as the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Chinese invented the stone roller to compact the pavement. In 1860, the world's first steam roller was born in France. Until 1960, XCMG successfully manufactured the first 10 ton steam roller, filling the gap in China and opening an era of surpassing and booming compaction machinery in China. At this time, it is a century since the invention of the Western steam roller! In the 1980s, XCMG successfully introduced the manufacturing technology of CA25 and CC21 series vibratory rollers of Sweden Dynapac, the ace of international compaction machinery, and made innovation and development on this basis. XCMG has been in the leading position of China's compaction machinery for 30 consecutive years. In the 1990s, 100 CA25 rollers were exported to the United States in batches, which was the first batch export in China's construction machinery industry. In the 21st century, XCMG's fourth generation pavement machinery won the largest "golden finger Award" in the industry. At the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, the xs395, the world's largest tonnage vertical vibratory roller, shone at its peak... XCMG started the "speed catch-up" mode for nearly 60 years

at present, XCMG has formed proprietary core technologies such as anti sway of frame, three in one long-life vibrating wheel and three-stage vibration reduction through the research on the topic of improving the compaction performance of vibratory roller. XCMG has been continuously committed to the R & D and performance improvement projects of single steel wheel roller with a capacity of more than 30 tons, and has output a number of structural and technical achievements such as dam type vibrating wheel, large curvature hydraulic pipeline layout and multi vibrator vibration reduction system, The "dam compaction type" series vibratory roller was launched to bring the industry's largest tonnage single drum vibratory roller to the market. The maximum compaction depth exceeded 80cm, making it the first choice for dam compaction. Xu workers dare to face up to the gap, always abide by the professional focus, and strive to achieve "leading technology and indestructible" products through unity and cooperation and subject research. From the first steam roller to repeatedly creating "the best in the world" and "Chinese miracles", the formulation of the energy and environment development strategy of XCMG roller all the way rolling is a hundred years worse than that of the west, so as to avoid the uneven horizontal distance of the experimental machine caused by vibration in the process of use, Compaction of the glorious road of "Everest Summit" of national engineering machinery

innovation and breakthrough to become a world-class high-end product

as the largest and most leading construction machinery manufacturer in China, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, put forward the goal of "high-end, high-tech, high added value and large tonnage" several years ago, and issued the action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" to the industry in 2016; As the business segment with the most traditional advantages of XCMG, the world's largest construction and maintenance machinery manufacturing base has made every effort to promote it, and has transformed it into "extraordinary and refined" in the product, R & D and manufacturing system, that is, "in terms of performance and use experience, it is beyond the imagination of users, beyond the lines drawn and barriers built by competitors, and beyond the existing and conventional cognition of the whole industry."

for this reason, XCMG has re examined, adjusted and honed its own R & D, manufacturing and product systems with the most stringent standards in the industry. Subvert the old indicators of disassembly, and take progressiveness, reliability, comfort, convenience, economy, adaptability, aesthetics, energy conservation and environmental protection as the yardstick to improve one by one, build a new measurement system, strive to improve every detail, and lay the foundation for stepping into the international market

visitors take a group photo with XCMG road rollers and loaders

next, XCMG will continue to break through the encirclement of high-end road machinery products, deepen the dynamic benchmarking of high-end products in the international market, strengthen the benchmarking of extreme working conditions, rapidly improve the quality and increase, take the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" as the work core, and take improving the high standard requirements of the whole value chain as the foothold, Vigorously promote the product benchmarking and surpassing and the quality level to a new level, accelerate the international layout, and comprehensively show XCMG's strength and boldness of marching towards the top three global road machinery

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