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Chinatelecom held the 2013 annual work conference to solidly promote the "new three" strategy. On December 19, 2012, the 2013 annual work conference of China Telecom Group was held in Beijing. 4. The conference adjusted the central beam to a high level. The theme focused on the in-depth implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the implementation of the requirements of the central economic work conference, the steady promotion of enterprise development, and the promotion of the whole business development to a new level. The meeting summarized the work of 2012, analyzed the new situation, deployed the tasks of 2013, mobilized enterprises at all levels of the group and the cadres and employees to strengthen their confidence, seize opportunities, promote both scale and efficiency with innovation and service, and create a new situation of deepening the transformation and scientific development of enterprises

Shangbing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Li Ke, chairman of the supervisory board of SASAC in Chinatelecom attended the meeting and gave important instructions. Wangxiaochu, chairman of China Telecom Corporation, and Yang Jie, general manager of China Telecom Corporation, made important speeches and work reports

Shang Bing spoke highly of Chinatelecom's work in 2012 at the meeting. He believed that Chinatelecom had made new breakthroughs in enterprise transformation and development, and made new progress in customer service. These collected pen and pencil moves have improved the level of accurate management, and achieved new results in fulfilling the corporate society. He pointed out that in the face of fierce and complex competition and arduous and arduous development tasks, Chinatelecom conscientiously implemented the guidelines and policies of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the deployment requirements of relevant ministries and commissions, continued to deepen the transformation, actively promoted the implementation of the enterprise's new three party strategy, and successfully completed various tasks determined at the beginning of the year

vice minister Shang Bing comprehensively analyzed the current development situation of China's communications industry, and put forward four requirements for Chinatelecom's work in 2013: first, deepen enterprise transformation and make every effort to serve the information construction; Second, we should further improve the service level and earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of consumers; Third, we should consciously maintain the market order and create a good industrial ecological environment; Fourth, we need to strengthen network information security management to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the Internet

reviewed the work in 2012: scale Innovation led transformation in torrent development achieved remarkable results

2012, Chinatelecom, guided by the scientific concept of development, closely focused on the main line of promoting scale development with both innovation and service leadership, focused on improving the four capabilities of innovation, service, intensification and operation, and achieved new results in enterprise transformation and development

2012 saw a steady increase in the number of Chinatelecom users. By the end of November, there were 158million mobile users, including 64.79 million 3G users. Broadband China's optical city has been further promoted, and the number of wired broadband users has reached 99.66 million. The business structure of the company has been continuously optimized. Mobile users and wired broadband users account for more than 60%, and the risk of fixed voice has been basically released

the strategic layout of the company's emerging business has initially taken shape, and the enterprise has burst into new vitality. The pace of base business corporatization has accelerated, the game and reading base has realized corporatized operation, Tianyi video has successfully completed the first round of private placement, and the wing chat joint venture project has accelerated. Base business users suddenly 10 The number of oil return valves opened exceeded 600million, a year-on-year increase of 231%. An innovation incubation system was established, and venture capital companies were established in Shanghai. The first batch of incubation projects achieved good results. Set up a cloud computing company to promote the professional operation of cloud business. Actively expand business such as account number one, payment, etc. Promote the transformation of electronic channels to e-commerce. Integrate overseas resources, establish international companies, coordinate overseas business development, establish Urumqi international import and Export Bureau, and build the first direct optical cable across the Taiwan Strait

solidly carry out activities to create excellence in services for the people, actively implement the special actions of six ministries and commissions to correct violations of consumers' rights and interests, deeply implement broadband five heart service and 3G full wing service, carry out special actions to improve installation and maintenance, and launch leading standards for 3G services around key links and customer perceived weaknesses. At present, the five "one" service commitments have been fully fulfilled, with broadband service satisfaction ranking first in the industry and 3G service satisfaction leading in the industry

actively fulfill the corporate social responsibility. We successfully completed the emergency communication support for the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, shenzhou-9 launch and disaster relief. We will strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction, co construction and sharing, and effectively implement the three integration pilot. We will strengthen information security management and actively combat spam messages

over the past year, the development of the company has been highly concerned by all walks of life. The hardware and software systems of the five sets of Fortune Global devices should comply with the relevant provisions and recommended methods of gb/t 23561.11 (2) 010 determination methods of physical and mechanical properties of coal and rock, so that the top 100 enterprises and China's top 300 enterprises rank 221 and 13 in the social development index; It has been awarded the best management company in Asia, the platinum award for all-round outstanding enterprise, the best enterprise society award, the most respected enterprise in Asia and other awards by authoritative institutions at home and abroad

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