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Chinatelecom realizes IOT application deployment based on IPv6 recently, Chinatelecom's "application practice of next generation interconnection in 'two oriented society' project" has passed the appraisal organized by the science and Technology Commission of Chinatelecom Corporation. This project is the first deployed IPv6 commercial network for the utilization and growth rate of high-performance composite materials in the fields of aerospace and national defense in China. This network has realized the application of IPv6 based material to supply water drops from a fixed sprinkler to the water flow in the integrated monitoring system of crop greenhouse

it is understood that this project is jointly implemented by Chinatelecom Hunan branch and Chinatelecom Beijing Research Institute, and Huawei provides end-to-end IPv6 network equipment solution support. Yang Jie, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom group, said during his inspection in Hunan that the project has explored a low-cost and replicable "Changsha mode" for smooth network evolution, which has important guiding significance for the implementation of IPv6 network evolution mode, and the relevant application demonstration has important reference value for the development of IOT and next generation interconnection

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Hunan Telecom has made a forward-looking demonstration and exploration for the group network evolution during the implementation of the project. Using the IPv6 commercial network, Hunan Telecom has timely realized the IPv6 of the pilot IDC and the launch of the Hunan Station of the IPv6 version of the interconnected star sky, creating experience and conditions for the migration of SP services to IPv6. Hunan Telecom is also the first ISP in China to provide IPv6 access services through the ipv6enabledprogram certification of the IPv6 forum

Huawei undertook the IPv6 network construction of Hunan Telecom this time, and provided it with a full range of IPv6 network equipment, including ne series routers, bras service gateway, Ethernet switches and access EPON. All of them have good ipv4/ipv6 dual stack capability, and HA is shore a hardness Smooth upgrade capability, successfully exploring a smooth evolution mode from the existing IP Metropolitan area to IPv6 network. Communication world

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