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Marketer: put it in the heart of customers.

marketing is a common marketing method adopted by enterprises at present, especially suitable for the sales of high-end consumer goods, financial products and most industrial products. But marketing is by no means equal to randomly hitting a large number of products and taking chances to sell a few products. Instead, we should open the pockets of consumers by heart and skills, so that they can willingly pay for enterprise products


at present, marketers have become an emerging profession in social development. Especially today, when China advocates the establishment of an energy-saving society, marketers are attracting high attention from relevant departments because of their high efficiency, energy-saving advantages and high cost performance, which can greatly reduce operating costs and quickly improve work efficiency

salary: no responsibility base salary (2000~6000 yuan, from Commissioner to supervisor) + commission + previous performance bonus + competition bonus. The comprehensive monthly salary ranges from 3000 yuan to 10000 yuan. The enterprise provides employees with year-end bonus and domestic and foreign tourism opportunities. Enterprises purchase five insurances (gold card) and one fund in a unified way to provide employees with an additional comprehensive welfare security plan

skill requirements: the Chinese typing speed is 40 words/minute, with sales experience in finance, insurance and other industries. Strong language expression and interpersonal communication skills, standard Mandarin and affinity of voice. It can provide customers with fast, accurate and professional sales and consulting services in a timely manner

employment prospects: China is one of the most potential places for marketing in the world. In 2003, 6million people were employed in direct selling related industries, of which 4.6 million were marketing related personnel. It increased to 15million in 2008

according to the statistical data, the turnover created by national direct selling in 2003 was 656.2 billion US dollars, of which the proportion of marketing was 41.6%

it is estimated that in the next three years, i.e. before 2015, China will maintain its position as a country with a large number of marketing personnel. China needs 20million to 25million marketing personnel of various types, which is an industry and popular occupation with a large number of employees in China

expert advice: caixiaomei, a career consultant of Zhitong talent market, said: marketing is easy to be rejected by customers, so practitioners must have strong pressure resistance, classify their needs according to the type of customers, make targeted analysis, study where their demands are, and provide services reasonably according to their needs

of course, we must grasp the customer's satisfaction psychology and their interest, which are mainly used in the interest of building materials, furniture, logistics packaging and other industries, and move customers with genuine feelings, such as giving customers exquisite gifts, giving customers holiday greetings and so on, so as to enhance mutual emotional exchanges, so as to truly grasp customers and enhance their trust in themselves

therefore, it is not only a tool to transmit language information, but also to strive to achieve the above conclusion, that is, the correlation between the performance of the tensile testing machine and the precautions for use is introduced to the other side of the customer's heart, so as to become a successful marketer

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