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Shiqiang Telecom won the "excellent supplier award" of Moby antenna. Recently, Moby antenna technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a well-known mobile communication supplier in the industry, awarded the excellent supplier award to Shenzhen Shiqiang Telecom Co., Ltd., a well-known electronic component distributor in the industry, at its 2008 annual supplier conference

Moby finally selected 10 excellent suppliers from its more than 200 suppliers in terms of quality, service, delivery and technical support through the quality, procurement, R & D and other departments

the conference was grandly held in Venice Hotel, Shenzhen. Moby President Hu Xiang and other major leaders attended the conference. At the meeting, Hu Xiang thanked the suppliers for their long-term support, and looked forward to the situation of the international communication industry. Moby achieved a sales volume of 900million yuan in 2008 and is expected to achieve a sales target of 1.4 billion yuan in 2009

as one of the well-known semiconductor distributors in China, Shiqiang Telecom has established a joint venture with Moby antenna since 2003 The torque and axial force are automatically calibrated. We have close cooperation with Moby active, antenna and other departments. As a technology driven distribution enterprise, Shiqiang has served Mobi in many aspects, such as products, technical support and logistics, and won the trust of customers

this time, Shiqiang Telecom stood out from more than 200 suppliers and was awarded as an excellent supplier. The increased orders include boilers and prime movers (127.1%), mining machinery (102.1%), storage tanks (729.3%), plastic processing machinery (130.2%), water pumps (121.9%), compressors (110.1%), forced draft fans (126.5%), transportation machinery (187.1%), gearboxes (108.3%) and metal processing machinery (384.7%), It is also a good expectation for far-reaching cooperation in the future

about Shiqiang

Shiqiang Telecom was founded in 1993. Our law enforcement focus is on strictly preventing ultra-thin and unqualified plastic bags from entering the market. It is an important distributor in Greater China for dozens of famous semiconductor enterprises in the world, including anhuagor, Rogers, silabs, Austrian microelectronics, Hittite and NEC. It is also an important supply for many electronic manufacturing and R & D enterprises. The precious metal investment logic based on gold is mainly based on two points: 1 Hedging demand; 2. Inflation protection provider, whose product business covers a wide range of fields such as communication equipment, industry, handheld digital, automotive electronics, personal computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, etc

as a technology driven distribution enterprise, Shiqiang also has a mature technical support team and a systematic service process to provide customers with professional services in new product promotion, rapid samples, application consulting, scheme and software design, development environment, after-sales and logistics according to their needs

2008, the annual sales of Shiqiang Telecom exceeded US $110million for the first time, with more than 240 employees

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