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Switch socket is an essential hardware building material in our life. It seems inconspicuous, but its quality affects the safety of electricity. For such a “ Little thing ”, Basically, you have to contact it every day, but do you really understand it? Netizens “ The hundredth time ” Use his professional knowledge to explain the relevant knowledge of switches and sockets to help you choose the right switches and sockets

what types of switch sockets are there

at the beginning of the water and electricity transformation at the beginning of home decoration, it involves the selection of switches and sockets. At this time, the decoration Xiaobai has not entered the state, everything follows the arrangement of the electrician, and often falls into a passive position at the beginning. The problem was not found until the switch socket was installed, but it was too late, because different types of [bottom boxes] had been firmly buried in the wall. When installing, the wall paint was done, and it was unrealistic to buckle it out, so we had to make do with it, causing regret

then what are the types of switch sockets:

type 1, 86. The appearance is shown in the following figure:

the size of this switch socket panel is: 86*86 (unit: mm)

because the size is 86*86, this kind of switch socket is called 86 type, and the corresponding installation hole distance is 60mm (mm)

of course, this size also has some special ones, such as Schneider Fengshang series, whose appearance is 87*87, but the installation hole distance is also 60mm. Therefore, this type is also classified as type 86 and can be used in general

what is the bottom box of 86 type switch socket like

there are such cases, called single box:

there are also such cases, called Double Box:

similarly, there are also three and four

it is possible that the bottom box of double connection and three connection looks very similar to the bottom box of 118, but there is a fundamental difference that the installation hole spacing of 86 bottom box is 60mm. As long as you see that the installation hole distance in the bottom box is 60mm, no matter how long it is, it must be 86 bottom box

2. The appearance of 118 type switch socket is shown in the following figure:

the overall dimensions of this switch socket are 75*118, 75*154, 75*195. The length is different according to different digits. The installation hole spacing is 83.5mm, 121mm and 160.5mm respectively

the shape of its bottom box is as follows. Pay attention to the difference between it and 86 double triple bottom box

3. 120 type switch socket, the shape is as follows:

the size of 120 type switch socket is: 120 (height) *70 (basic type). The installation hole spacing is 83.5mm. Pay attention to the difference between Type 120 and type 118. The switch socket of Type 120 is installed vertically

The overall dimension of 120*70 is basic. Three units can be configured on a panel, which is also called a small board. In addition, there is a large board with an overall dimension of 120*120, which can be configured with up to 6 units (see the figure below)

there is another type 146, which has withdrawn from the mainstream market at present. I won't introduce it





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