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Hennessy doors and windows tell you what Chinese decoration is like



the ground of the porch is paved with high-grade marble texture polished bricks. The end view platform of the porch cabinet is decorated with Zen scenery, on which a decorative painting is hung and a downlight is installed, making this space more layered; Around the end view platform, there are storage cabinets or wood veneer decorations, which give people a sense of natural and dignified atmosphere as a whole


living room

the TV wall in the living room takes marble texture as the main body, and the design with white space on both sides appears simple and high-end as a whole with the decoration of wood frame

several large-area decorative panels on the sofa wall, with black-and-white ink paintings hung in the middle three. Combined with the modern and comfortable fabric sofa, the whole space is decorated with a comfortable Zen sense of dignity

on the basis of ceramic tile floor, put a elegant carpet on the sofa and coffee table area to make the space appear more elegant and generous



the restaurant is equipped with a set of Zen comfortable dining tables and chairs, and a large area of abstract decorative paintings of clothes are hung on the background wall of the restaurant. The whole space is particularly unique, comfortable and exquisite

the background wall of the restaurant on the other side is a marble background with texture similar to the TV wall. Combined with the kitchen glass sliding door next to it, it looks fashionable and high-end as a whole



the study is equipped with Zen Chinese dining tables and chairs. On the background wall of the desk is a display bookshelf, with exquisite books and decorations. The overall space is particularly elegant and dignified

a small tea set on the desk can also make this small desk a good tea room or reception room


master bedroom

the ceiling of the master bedroom is decorated with an extremely rich space of lights and layers on the basis of hidden light and multi-layer treatment; Combined with elegant and modern bedsheets and the overall space atmosphere, the whole space is full of the breath of grade and refinement


second bedroom

purple elements are added to the sheets and curtains of the second bedroom, making the space full of romantic and generous atmosphere





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