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The signing of huixinxiang station by the two presidents of connaton was a great success. This activity was welcomed by many owners, and the on-site signing continued. Now let's follow Xiaobian to relive the lively scene of that day

the pace of time has gone through the snow in winter, and a new round of seasons will start again. The spring wind combs this familiar and strange land again, leaving only endless thoughts. Thinking about the past, what the past is: it was a double president signing ceremony held by LAN Qiao people. After the success of Xinxiang Station on April 19, we were thinking about how we "won the war" step by step from March 23 to April 19

4.19 the curtain came down successfully. In the heart of LAN Qiao people, the title, design and work of "I'm here right away" are not strange. She is not just an activity. She accompanied us through spring, summer, autumn and winter like a partner, and traveled across most of China. Each activity is not only a witness of numbers, but also a witness of team growth, LAN Qiao's extended family feelings, and a witness of new friends becoming good friends and missing

the process of the activity was mixed with bitterness and sweetness. On March 23, the staff of the company headquarters arrived at the big family in Xinxiang to prepare for all work tasks on April 19. After the close docking work, high-frequency working meetings, and high-intensity training courses, on March 27, there was a 4.19 double president signing benefit Xinxiang Station launch meeting. After the launch meeting, our pre-sale card work, community group, store group, telephone group, and network group were fully started. They cooperated with each other, encouraged each other, played together, shared with rewards, and shared with penalties, never saying which was wrong, When one group is not ideal, the other groups are quietly helping, because we are a team, and the common goal of the team is to send environmentally friendly, healthy and most affordable products to every family in Xinxiang

the community, telephone, store and network have all broken down one by one, and the card sales task has reached the expectation. We still can't relax, because we want more owners to buy high-quality and healthy products that are value-added. Two days before the arrival of April 19, the headquarters invited Wanhua tutor to do pre-sales training to deepen our understanding of Hexiang board and its differentiation from the current board on the market. Hexiang board is not only 0 formaldehyde emission, but also superior to other boards in terms of flame retardancy, moisture resistance and aging resistance. In addition, there is on-site verification of boiling experiment. After the previous activities, the healthy zero formaldehyde Hexiang board can go deep into the hearts of customers, and I believe that the people of Xinxiang can feel it deeply

April 19 is coming, and the whole team is happy. Is today a big victory? It's just a moment away. From 12 noon, the owners signed in one after another

at the beginning of the activity, the atmosphere was active, and customers actively participated in various interactions. They listened carefully to the instructor's content and paid full attention to the boiling experiment. As soon as the results came out, they came to smell and broke them apart

after interaction and verification, customers have no concerns. As soon as the president of the signing price announced, some customers immediately went to the finance department to make a long queue. It is understood that some customers did not know how much their furniture was calculated, and then made a decision. They said that they would go to the store to calculate slowly later (these customers had compared the price before) to thank them for their recognition of our work

with the end of the payment, the scene immediately ushered in the second climax of the lottery, free order 50%, LCD TV, pure gold and other awards, the scene was a sensation, all staring at the lottery tickets drawn by the on-site customers on stage, maybe these are mine

while the customers have gained joy, our activities have also achieved great success. This activity has low input and high output. Finally, 39 orders were signed on site and 10 orders were signed in the early stage of the store. The total collection of 650000 yuan came to a perfect end, which opened a good start for the 2015 sales event of conneden Lanqiao wardrobe

LAN Qiao people bid farewell to Xinxiang Station with excellent results. For the sake of health, let's talk! Kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe with "0 aldehyde" Hexiang board 4.25 meet beautiful Hangzhou, looking forward to Hangzhou Lanqiao family to create brilliance again





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