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On March 22, 2014, Weiyi customized furniture came to a perfect conclusion at the 33rd Guangzhou Pazhou furniture exhibition. Weiyi customization has made a series of breakthroughs in this furniture exhibition

on March 22, 2014, Weiyi customized furniture ended perfectly at the 33rd Guangzhou Pazhou furniture exhibition. Weiyi customization has made a series of breakthroughs in this furniture exhibition. "Occupy the city center, interpret the story of wealth" Weiyi customized a new butterfly change, moving towards a new peak

in this exhibition, Weiyi customized the exhibition hall with warm and thoughtful service and fashion atmosphere, which left a deep impression on the merchants who visited and negotiated. Weiyi customization regards this exhibition as "butterfly change". Butterfly transformation is a process of transformation and the result of success after transformation

first of all, our enterprise itself is "butterfly changing"

from a furniture enterprise with it pedigree, it has become a leader in the customized furniture industry, and has been approved by many multimedia and loved by customers. Weiyi customization has brought earth shaking changes to the furniture industry and driven the innovation and development of the furniture industry

the second is the "butterfly change" of performance

the performance doubled for seven consecutive years, and the sales myth of "one city, one hundred million" was realized in 2013. Weiyi customization started in 2004. Since then, for the next seven consecutive years, Weiyi customization has doubled its performance every year. In 2013, the sales performance of five Direct stores in Foshan exceeded 100 million

third, it is the "butterfly change" of enterprise innovation marketing

in 2013, Weiyi custom signed Li Bingbing as the image spokesperson and began the brand marketing strategy. Next, Weiyi customization cooperates with many popular programs and networks, such as "good voice of China", "win in China", "good song of China", "you from the stars", "the strongest brain" and "China on the tip of the tongue", to open the era of innovative marketing! "Making furniture with internet thinking" is what Uyghur people often say, and it is really something they have been doing

fourth, the store image is a new "butterfly change"

"enter the best local shopping mall and seize the opportunity." We will open our store in shopping mall and gradually make it market-oriented and standardized. In our impression, we usually go to two places to buy furniture, one is the furniture mall; The other is the building materials street with independent stores. However, in several large shopping maills (department stores) such as Foshan Oriental Plaza, Sanshui Plaza, Guangzhou Lefeng Plaza and Guangzhou Oriental Baotai Plaza, selling furniture is a real scene. There are not only jewelry, clothing and catering, but also a furniture store - Weiyi customized furniture

"occupy the city center and interpret the wealth story". Next, you will see more supermarket stores customized by Weiyi blooming all over the country. Weiyi customizes the new butterfly change, let's move towards a new milestone hand in hand




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