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Granddaughter killed her own grandmother, who was mentally abnormal. Her family did not pay attention to her. She often reported to all media that she regarded her grandmother as the closest person, but brutally hacked her. Last November, a family tragedy occurred in a village in Licheng Town, Liyang City. At that time, the 19-year-old granddaughter Wu hacked her seriously ill grandmother to death with an axe

after the tragedy, Wu's parents recalled their daughter's various abnormal performances before and realized that her daughter might be suffering from mental illness. After judicial identification, Wu suffered from schizophrenia. At the time of the incident, he was in the onset period and had no criminal capacity

a few days ago, Liyang court made a judgment that Wu was likely to continue to endanger society and imposed compulsory medical treatment on him. At present, Wu is under treatment

tragedy: granddaughter slashes and kills her own grandmother

Wu's family lives in a small mountain village in Licheng Town, Liyang City. At more than 8 o'clock on November 8 last year, Wu's mother was stunned to find blood on her daughter's clothes, face and hands. She asked her daughter if she was injured, but her daughter calmly told her that she had killed her grandmother. The frightened Wu mother hurried to the room and found in horror that her 70 year old mother-in-law fell to the ground, covered with blood, and her head and neck were cut by sharp weapons. There was no lithium battery. Copper foil had higher requirements for performance, accuracy and uniformity

granddaughter killed her own grandmother? This appalling murder immediately shook the small mountain village. On the night of the crime, Wu was sent by his family to the local police station to surrender. The police immediately launched an investigation

after investigation, at more than 4 a.m. that day, Wu couldn't sleep. He felt that his grandmother was hurting her, so he took an axe and went to the grandma's bedroom next door and slashed at her lying on the bed. Grandma endured severe pain and struggled to grab the axe. Wu, who was crazy, pulled grandma out of bed, chopped her to the ground with an axe, and hit her face and neck continuously until grandma was silent. After identification, the old man was repeatedly hacked on the head and face by others with blunt instruments, resulting in brain injury and death

sigh: mental abnormality is not paid attention to

unfortunately, the grandmother who died miserably suffered from heart disease, was in bed for a long time, depended on a ventilator to maintain her life, and was unable to get out of bed and walk at all. It is understood that Wu grew up with her grandparents and had a very good relationship with her grandmother. Why did she make such a crazy move

facing the sudden bad news, Wu's parents were sad and shocked. They carefully recalled their daughter's every move and felt a little abnormal. According to them, the daughter is obedient and sensible, and is very filial to her grandparents. After work, I often give money to my grandma. Every time I go home, I will bring a lot of things to my grandparents. After I get into trouble with my parents, I will also go to my grandma. But since the end of October last year, everything has changed quietly

in October last year, Wu was hit on the head by a motorcycle while working in Changshu, and the driver escaped. After that, her parents took her back to her hometown for recuperation. Gradually, the parents found that there was something wrong with their daughter. The whole person's eyes were dull. They often shut themselves in the room and talked incoherently. The glass made of polyurethane can reduce the weight of the car by 50%. They often told their parents that grandma wanted to kill her and kill her. In a car accident, nanny sent someone to hit her, and they had insomnia all night, were in a trance, and were always suspicious

at that time, the parents thought their daughter was frightened and called her grandmother, who also loved her, to accompany her. As for her daughter's claim that "grandma wants to hurt her", her parents are kind of comforting, but Wu doesn't listen, and often gets angry at her grandparents for no reason, calling them demons. He always got up in the middle of the night and went to his parents' room, saying that his grandparents were talking in her room, and his grandmother was staring at her outside, running around in blue clothes, trying to scare her to death. Further understanding also found that about two months before the car accident, Wu had similar remarks about her grandmother wanting to harm her

reminder: similar tragedies often occur

after the incident, Wu's relatives realized that she may suffer from mental diseases that help customers in the fields of aerospace, automobile, transportation, energy, shipping, infrastructure construction and home life to achieve material weight reduction, enhancement, performance optimization, corrosion prevention and other functions, and applied to the public security organ for psychiatric identification. Often state De'an hospital forensic expertise, Wu suffering from schizophrenia, when the crime was in the onset, no criminal capacity

recently, Liyang people's court heard this highly concerned case of mental patients cutting and killing relatives. Wu did not appear in court because of mental illness, and her father attended the court as legal guardian. The procuratorial organ believes that the case of Wu's intentional killing of grandma is clear, but because she suffers from mental illness, she is not criminally responsible according to law, but if she is not subject to compulsory treatment according to law and is allowed to live at home, it is likely to endanger the life safety of others again. Therefore, the court requested the court to make a compulsory treatment decision on her, which was supported by the court

according to Jin can, the prosecutor of this case and the acting prosecutor of Liyang people's Procuratorate, in recent years, the hospital has accepted nearly ten cases of wounding and killing by mental patients, and their families and neighbors have become high-risk groups of victims

Wang Zhou, deputy chief physician of the psychiatry department of De'an hospital, told that the etiology of serious mental diseases is not very clear, including genetic, personality reasons, and some are also affected by the environment. Based on Wu's situation, the car accident has certain damage to the brain, which may be an inducement, but it does not rule out other reasons such as personality and environment. As far as their department is concerned, about 1/3 of the patients admitted every year have self mutilation, suicide and injury to others, and a considerable number of their families did not detect mental abnormalities in time

"it is necessary to know some mental health knowledge, which is also the common sense that healthy people should have." Wang Zhou said that as far as Wu was concerned, she had obvious mental abnormalities before the crime, such as delusional symptoms that she had always said that her grandmother was critical to her, hallucinations that her grandparents spoke in her room, and paranoia that she insisted on "my grandmother was not good to me". If we could pay attention to her earlier and see a doctor in time, the tragedy might not happen

Jing 4. The profitability of China's paper industry has declined. God patients cause accidents, and the consequences are often very serious. Wang Zhou reminded that when family members and friends have abnormal emotions, especially after encountering certain stress events, they must pay attention to his mental state. While giving psychological support, if they find him incoherent, numb, or particularly excited (manifested in nonsense, strange behavior), talking to themselves, inconstant crying and laughing, hallucinations and delusions, and being forced to harm psychology, they must immediately seek medical treatment, and do not hide from the doctor, Don't think you are just scared silly and lost your soul, and use superstitious means to exorcise demons and evil spirits

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