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On January 6, 2021, the general office of the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on further optimizing the pendulum of the fully automatic impact experimental machine for local government affairs, what are the problems that are prone to occur? How to solve the problems of serving the convenience of the people" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), calling for accelerating the consolidation of government services except emergencies, Unified 12345 government services for the convenience of the people, and create a general customer service of government services

the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence will help government services facilitate the further optimization of processes and resource allocation, and ensure that the problems and reasonable demands reflected by enterprises and the masses are handled and handled in a timely manner, so as to make the connection faster, more accurate and more practical

as a pioneer in the AI industry, Jietong Huasheng has accumulated rich industry experience in the construction of digital government. The Lingyun AICC full intelligent customer service solution has been successfully deployed in 12345 government services in Shandong, Jiangxi, Wuhan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities, providing strong intelligent support for unblocking the interaction channels between the government and enterprises and the masses, improving the level of government services, and building a service-oriented government to the satisfaction of the people

Omni channel service coverage, 7x24 hour uninterrupted service

the opinions emphasizes that we should do a good job in the construction of connection capacity guarantee, expand acceptance channels, and strengthen the construction and application of knowledge base and team building

this requires 12345 government coverage, stations, apps, microblogs and other mainstream channels to manage the demands of multiple parties through a unified platform. According to the principles of territorial management priority, who is in charge, who is responsible, etc., the work orders are classified and handled, and the work order process is monitored throughout the process

the whole process is managed by the agent. There will be situations such as busy service, long waiting time for users, broken service chain (a problem repeated many times), unequal transfer departments, Department prevarication, etc

Lingyun AICC can seamlessly connect the covered channels, communicate with customers by means of voice interaction and text question answering with the help of artificial intelligence technologies such as voice recognition and semantic understanding, conduct question guidance, context understanding and multiple rounds of dialogue according to the characteristics of appeal channels and user question answering methods, guide and discover the real appeals of citizens, and answer user questions through text, pictures, links, videos and other ways

for service demands, a work order is formed and fed back to the Department, so as to improve the service quality and reduce the seat cost on the basis of meeting the 24-hour service

appeal automatic docking department, intelligent supervision to ensure service quality

requirements of the opinions, optimize workflow, and establish a hierarchical and classified appeal handling mechanism. Establish a work supervision and accountability mechanism, strengthen comprehensive evaluation, and compact the appeal handling units

after the numbers are merged into 12345, if the business division is realized through the traditional IVR key navigation function, there will be too many key levels caused by many departments and wide businesses involved, and it will be difficult for citizens to wait for too long to identify departments

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation system based on AI technologies such as speech recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis can solve this problem well. In many times, the experimental machine is caused by the damage of a local part, which leads to the failure of the experimental machine to operate. After the people call to say their demands, the voice robot will accurately identify the demands of citizens whose voltage is too high and too low, automatically judge the problem, and the moving beam will automatically stop moving; The Department to which it belongs and transfer, so as to realize intelligent transfer. Seamless connection from acceptance to transfer, simplifying the problem feedback process and improving communication efficiency

considering the dialects and minority environment in different regions, Lingyun speech robot can recognize 27 dialect languages, including Sichuan dialect, Shanghai dialect, Minnan language, Cantonese and other dialects, Uyghur, Tibetan, Zhuang, Korean and other minority languages, and has specially trained the pronunciation habits and unique vocabulary of different dialect languages, with a higher recognition rate, which can effectively meet the needs of intelligent 12345 construction in different regions

in addition, the real-time agent assistance system provided by Lingyun AICC can not only help the agents master the handling process of relevant businesses, provide standardized services and guidance, but also detect keywords, service taboos, abnormal emotions and other events during the call, timely remind and adjust them

with the help of Lingyun outbound call robot, service tracking and return visit are carried out, and the progress and results of problem handling are fed back to the people who put forward their needs. When the outbound robot receives the information that the claimant is satisfied with the solution of the appeal, it will automatically complete and file it; If the information of dissatisfaction is not resolved in the reply of the claimant, it will be re sent to the relevant department for handling again

privatization deployment makes data more secure

the opinions clearly establishes unified information sharing rules, strengthens information security, and promotes 12345 platforms at all levels to push the required full amount of data to relevant departments at the same level in real time

Lingyun AICC is fully privatized, and all the data is stored on the government's own servers, which provides more security. In addition, Lingyun AICC is deployed by an integrated platform based on the open architecture design, which can realize the unified scheduling of core technologies, maintenance management, ability arrangement, convenient call, lightweight deployment, and completely solve the problems of data island, data isolation, data inconsistency and so on caused by the past chimney construction

big data analysis is another core capability of Lingyun AICC, which can effectively use voice, text and other data to analyze citizens' visits. Through consultation hotspot analysis, repeated call analysis, user portrait analysis, public opinion analysis and other functions, it can timely summarize the demands of citizens' consultation and reflection, continue to open up the data flow of digital government construction, and support departments at all levels to make government service decisions

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