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Grace plans to build a new plant in China to double its output

on July 28, 2011, grace China Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of grace, announced that it had signed a land use right purchase agreement as the first step to expand the plant in this central Chinese city. The factory is expected to double the production capacity of waterproof products and other special building materials products, which will be sold to Chinese customers and exported to other parts of the world

boundary dimension of government officials and geqin oil source control cabinet: 960 × eight hundred and sixty × 1060mm; The senior management of Les company jointly celebrated the signing of this Agreement and the company's expansion plan at the signing ceremony. The financial terms were not disclosed at the signing ceremony

the new plant covers an area of 60 mu (10 acres) in Ezhou Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province, and has about 80 comprehensive production and office staff. In addition to replacing the existing grace production plant, the new plant also provides services such as technical support, sales, quality assurance, human resources and customer support. The project is planned to start in the second half of this year and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2012

"this larger factory investment enables me to share with you that we can continue to grow in China and the entire Asia Pacific region", said Mr. adamgrose, vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific region of grace building materials products department. "We constantly evaluate our production capacity through a simple 'mechanical stripping method' to ensure that we can meet customer needs and seize business opportunities. Our expansion will not only achieve capacity growth, but also support our future economic development in Asia."

other recent investment activities of grace in China include the acquisition of Wuhan merison new building materials Co., Ltd. in November 2010 and the opening of a new production plant in Chongqing to expand the production capacity of cement and concrete additives

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