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Graffiti intelligence appeared in India International Lighting Exhibition

on October, 2018, India Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as India Lighting Exhibition) was held in New Delhi, India. Graffiti smart can be considered qualified and can bring a variety of intelligent lighting products with different functions, Bluetooth mesh light array and "graffiti smart selection" whole house intelligent experience area to participate in the exhibition

India lighting exhibition is organized by the Indian light source and Component Manufacturers Association (elcoma) in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt, Germany. The former is the most authoritative industry organization in India's lighting industry, while the latter is a world-renowned international exhibition company

India lighting exhibition is the largest lighting industry event in India. The total area of the exhibition will reach 22.1, 000 square meters of proprietary and unique computer control system. More than 300 international enterprises will participate in the exhibition. Professional lighting enterprises from China, Spain, Italy, Japan, Britain and other countries, such as Philips Lighting, c&s Electric Co., Ltd., Bajaj electric appliance, trilux lighting American zalux company and others are among the exhibitors

as the most influential lighting industry exhibition in India, this Indian lighting exhibition attracted more than 25000 professional visitors, including wholesalers, dealers and agents within ± 0.5% of the set value; 15. Displacement control rate range: 0.001 ~ 500mm/min16, displacement control rate accuracy: within ± 0.2% of the set value 17, constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement control range: 0.5% ~ 100% fs18, constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement control accuracy: architects, builders and land developers when the set value is ≥ 10% FS, Indian Ministry of energy, central Ministry of public works (cpwd), Indian Construction Commission, automotive industry The Ministry of Railways and other major institutions have also sent specialists to inspect and negotiate relevant lighting products at the exhibition site

according to statistics, India, known as the peacock country, has a population of 1.3 billion. Relying on the strong domestic demand and active manufacturing industry brought by the demographic dividend, India has become one of the countries with the fastest economic development in the world and one of the most important international emerging markets. Despite India's considerable economic potential, the infrastructure of peacock country is still very weak. More than 80million people are still using kerosene lamps, and 70% of the roads have not been equipped with street lamps

there are infinite business opportunities hidden behind the poor and backward national conditions. The huge domestic demand and energy-saving transformation projects have made India's lighting market show a momentum of rapid growth. In 2015, the market size of LED lighting alone was 924million US dollars. In 2016, the market size has reached 1.14 billion US dollars, with an annual growth of 47.1%. It is expected to reach 1.715 billion US dollars in 2020

the Indian government also proposed a plan to steadily increase the consumption of ujala building plastic materials, that is, the plan to purchase energy-efficient lamps to replace all inefficient bulbs, making the Indian lighting market immeasurable

although international well-known enterprises gathered at the Indian lighting exhibition, graffiti intelligence is still one of the most concerned booths. Because most of the exhibitors are manufacturers and brands, only graffiti intelligence is participating as a "global intelligent platform": it does not produce products, but serves as a cooperative enterprise, providing it with one-stop AI IOT solutions

the intelligent lighting solution of graffiti has covered all mainstream lighting products, including bulb lamp, lamp strip, wall lamp, downlight and table lamp. It supports WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth mesh, GPRS and other mainstream connection methods. It has three characteristics: voice control, remote control and intelligent scene. Users can adjust color, brightness and color temperature according to their preferences

Bluetooth mesh light array is another eye-catching product. Users can freely adjust the color and brightness of the light array through the iPad, and the color of the light array will change with the rhythm of the background music

in addition to being interesting, Bluetooth mesh technology is also of great practical value. Intelligent lighting technology, which communicates through Bluetooth mesh, plays an important role in the construction of smart cities and smart buildings. It can achieve accurate lighting, high efficiency and energy saving. When used with smart sensors, it can also surpass the single lighting function and greatly improve the added value of products

at the Indian lighting exhibition, many Chinese enterprises appeared in the ranks of world-renowned lighting enterprises, including many cooperative enterprises that provide technical solutions by graffiti intelligence. The Indian lighting market is a particularly attractive cake with huge consumption potential. Graffiti intelligence will help Indian local lighting enterprises realize intelligent transformation on the one hand, and will also pave the way for Chinese intelligent lighting enterprises to enter the Indian lighting market on the other hand

exhibition time: October, 2018

Venue: Pragati Maidan Pavilion, New Delhi, India

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