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Analysis of market usage and price trend of automotive glass

with the rapid development of China's automotive industry, the demand of China's automotive glass industry is increasing. Every year, whether the components that affect the accuracy are within the allowable error: the growth rate of 0% of carton compression testing machine is constantly increasing. Fuyao Group, a leading enterprise in China's automotive glass industry, is China's largest automotive glass manufacturer, accounting for 10% of the global automotive glass market share and 60% of the domestic OEM market

the area of automobile glass accounts for about one third of the automobile surface area. According to the application position, automobile glass mainly includes front windshield, rear windshield, sunroof glass, door glass and rear fixed window glass

the consumption of single car glass increased. Since the birth of the automotive industry, the appearance and accessories have basically changed greatly every decade. Under the background of the shift of consumer preferences and the continuous upgrading of models, the use of automotive glass has basically maintained the market trend of increasing by 10% every decade. It is believed that the source of future increment lies in the increase of sunroof permeability on the one hand, and the increase of front windshield inclination on the other hand, which promotes the growth of demand

automotive glass relies on cars, and the world's automotive glass industry presents an oligopoly pattern. At present, China's Fuyao Glass, Japan's NSG, AGC and France's Saint Gobain maintain a market share of more than 75%

automotive glass raw materials mainly include float glass (glass raw sheet), PVB intermediate film and electricity. Among them, float glass is an important raw and auxiliary material of automotive glass. The molding process is completed in a tin bath filled with protective gases (N2 and H2). It has the advantages of compact structure, smooth hand feel, no water ripple, good transparency and so on. Raw materials of float glass are mainly soda ash, silica sand, limestone, etc. and electricity

pvb (%) the cost is stable. PVB usually accounts for 20% - 25% of the production cost of laminated automotive glass and 10% - 15% of the production cost of automotive glass. The market price of PVB used in automobile glass production is RMB/m2. Auto glass manufacturers generally sign long-term supply contracts with DuPont, seeper and Eastman, the world's top three PVB manufacturers, to ensure the stable supply of PVB and manage the fluctuation risk of PVB price. In the past few years, PVB price has increased by no more than 5%, and the cost is relatively stable

the price of soda ash (6%) still has room for exploration. In 2016, the international crude oil price rebounded, the bulk commodity price continued to rise, and the price of heavy soda ash, as an important raw material for automotive glass, also rose all the way, from 1389 yuan per ton at the beginning of the year to 2200 yuan per ton, an increase of nearly 60%. After entering 2017, the price of heavy soda ash continued to fall steadily from January. As of May 16, 2017, the price of heavy soda ash had fallen to 1574 yuan per ton, and the downward trend was still stable, In the second half of 2017, the price of heavy soda ash is expected to continue to fall to about 1400 yuan per ton in 2016, and there is still room for the reduction of raw material costs

the specific energy of the power battery unit reaches more than 300 watt hours/kg

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