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On the afternoon of November 16, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor Guo Gengmao and the size of Luoyang universal experimental machine used the maximum bearing level of the frame and the dynamometer to measure the load/tension to jointly characterize the rate of Mao Wanchun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, leading the province Zhao Yan, chairman and general manager, introduced the development of the company in recent years, as well as the progress of the new plant planning, new glass products and equipment industrialization projects to provincial and municipal leaders; President Zhao said that landglass will speed up the construction progress of Yibin base and strive to put it into production as soon as possible, so as to play a leading role in promoting the national equipment manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of today's composite industry and the development of energy-saving and environmental friendly building materials industry

governor Guo nodded and praised from time to time in the process of communicating with president Zhao. He said that enriching the people and strengthening the city and moving towards the world need enterprises like you with sense, independent intellectual property rights and strategic vision; Maowanchun, Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party committee, also expressed the attention and expectations of the leaders of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee for the landglass project

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