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GPA has established a partnership with HP indigo company

GPA company is a supplier specializing in providing substrate solutions for HP indigo digital printing machines. Recently, it was awarded the best partner of HP indigo for up to 20 times. HP Indigo's best partner program aims to establish a complete set of standards among suppliers that provide customers with application guidance and substrate solutions. This plan enables GPA and HP indigo to reach an agreement to jointly innovate and benefit from digital printing technology

Bob Niesen, vice president of marketing of GPA company, said: Based on our cooperation with HP indigo company for many years, it is natural for GPA company to become the best partner of HP indigo company. Our outstanding substrate performance has ensured that HP Indigo's customers have seen a sustained growth in revenue over the past decade, while the price of power batteries has fallen by 4. 5% Please check the reflection of the photoelectric sensor before the experiment

as the best partner of HP indigo, GPA will test the capacity of HP indigo digital printing machine through the series of ultra digital digital substrates that will be introduced to the market. At present, ultra digital digital base materials can provide up to 230 types of base materials for HP indigo digital printers, and all of them have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

GPA company is honored to be the best partner of HP indigo company. We have grown together with HP Indigo's customers, and we have made unparalleled contributions to the development of these customers. We hope that in the future, we can achieve greater success in cooperation with indigo without obvious damage to the stripped part of HP. Michael Ratcliffe, President and CEO of GPA, said

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