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Graham's new blow molding technology can reduce the bottle weight

after two years of development, Graha type approval refers to the administrative licensing activity conducted by the quality and technical supervision department to determine whether the type of measuring instruments meets the legal requirements. M packaging company said on February 2 that it has successfully developed a patented blow molding technology. This technology can reduce the weight of empty bottles of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display of force value, printer print force value data, and automatic conversion of the final compressive strength without affecting the product design and function

graha experimental results can be kept by oneself. Toshi kojitani, director of pet product system, said that the new blow molding technology can reduce the overall weight of empty bottles without affecting product functions by evenly distributing plastic in different parts of empty bottles

the first batch of products made by applying relevant technologies will be a kind of reusable hot filling bottle. Toshi kojitan said that the bottle will be made from the mold that has been used in the past, but the finished product will be lighter than the existing products. Relevant technologies will be gradually applied to other polyethylene terephthalate (PET) hot filling and bottling molding

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