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The so-called offset printing fault refers to abnormal phenomena in production or machine operation. As an offset machine operator and manager, we must master the law of offset printing failure and troubleshooting methods, so as to make the production go smoothly

the biggest feature of offset printing fault is:

1 Comprehensiveness and complexity

offset press is a complex machine. Its power system is composed of motor and air pump. Its motion is composed of paper feeding, positioning, ink feeding, water delivery, embossing, paper receiving and other mechanisms. During this period, there are many coordination and handover, as well as the use of printing materials. Finally, pictures and texts are printed on the surface of the substrate. In this process, the fault can occur in any part and any process at any time, or in its cooperation relationship, which determines the comprehensiveness and complexity of offset printing fault

its comprehensiveness and complexity also show that the same fault can be caused by different reasons. For example, inaccurate overprint may be caused by improper adjustment of the positioning mechanism, unreasonable lining or improper use and control of wetting solution. On the contrary, the same reason may also cause different faults. For example, excessive use of wetting solution can lead to inaccurate overprint, dirty back, poor drying and other faults. Due to the comprehensiveness and complexity of printing in order to avoid declining the use performance of the instrument, it is absolutely necessary to analyze or analyze from the chemical point of view. It is determined that the offset printing operator should develop from one-way thinking to multi-directional thinking

2. The practicality of offset printing failure

offset printing failure is manifested in the process of printing production. These technologies of the offset printing failure recognition experimental machine Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. have given full play to their own advantages. It is impossible to obtain a deep understanding and intuitive judgment of offset printing failure only by theoretically recognizing query records, result judgment, printing statements, etc, The ability to troubleshoot is even less available. We must be familiar with the actual performance of various faults in practice, and then analyze the causes on this basis to accumulate the ability to eliminate faults. Troubleshooting requires some adjustment to the offset press or printing materials. This adjustment depends on theoretical guidance and practical experience, but the process of adjustment is the performance of operating skills. Whether the adjustment is reasonable and in place must be analyzed in detail. The faults of the same substrate in different models are different. Therefore, the analysis of printing faults is not only a technical theory, but also a practical skill

3. The regularity of offset printing faults

offset printing faults are both comprehensive and complex, but also have their regularity. As long as you master the regularity of faults and clarify your ideas, no matter how complex the faults are, they can be eliminated in time. The law followed by offset printing faults is essentially the principle of offset printing process and the law of operation control technology. If this law is met, printing will proceed normally. On the contrary, there will be various faults, and the troubleshooting of this kind of fault is also regular. Generally speaking, if there is a fault, it should be classified first, whether it belongs to equipment fault or process fault. If it belongs to mechanical fault, it should be analyzed and eliminated according to the law of process fault, otherwise it should be analyzed and eliminated according to the law of process fault. Different models also have different rules. For example, the fault law of sheet fed offset press and web offset press is different, the same reason, The faults of monochrome Offset Press and multi-color offset press are also different, and the faults of unit offset press and semi satellite drum arranged offset press are also different. Therefore, on the basis of mastering the commonness of printing faults, we must understand their individuality, so as to have some targeting

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