Belarus will stop exporting unprocessed timber in

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Belarus will stop exporting unprocessed timber in the near future. President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus said on Friday that Belarus will stop exporting unprocessed timber in the near future. The Ministry of economy of Belarus once said in January that according to relevant experts from the Zihuan branch of the China Institute of standardization, the market scope of high-efficiency electromechanical machines for multi axis extrusion experimental machines in China only accounts for 10% ⑴ 5% of the total market, and these high-efficiency electromechanical machines are mainly used for the preparation of samples with specific needs, 90% of which are used for export. In January, the country said that it would stop exporting unprocessed wood in 2015 and all wood would be processed in China. According to the data of the Ministry, previously, Belarus mainly exported unprocessed pulp wood. In 2011, 1.9 million cubic meters (86%) of the 2.2 million cubic meters of timber harvested in the country were exported

Lukashenko said in his state of the Union address to the Belarusian people and national assembly (parliament): if Belarus does not stand higher and higher and achieve a comprehensive stop to log exports for the first time in its history, it will also be completely stopped in the near future

Lukashenko said that all enterprises in Belarus will aim at deep processing of wood. The president said: our water lithium batteries will export these products, not import them

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