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The average monthly salary of construction workers recruited in spring in Beijing is 9621 yuan, killing white-collar workers

the average monthly salary of construction workers recruited in spring in Beijing is 9621 yuan, killing white-collar workers

March 9, 2015

[China paint information] just after the Spring Festival, there is a new recruitment season. According to the classified information data report released by Ganji, at present, the labor shortage in this city ranks first in China. At the same time, the driver has become the most difficult position to recruit in China. Among the top ten positions in short supply, construction workers led with an average monthly income of 9621 yuan, killing a number of white-collar workers

drivers are the most difficult to recruit after the year

construction workers have the highest salary level

with the continuous popularity of o2o in recent years, there is a strong demand for many positions, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand. Drivers, construction workers, ticket and room booking services, lifeguards, makeup artists and couriers rising with the tide of e-commerce are the objects of competition among major companies after the festival

it can be seen that the most difficult job to recruit at present is driver, and the supply-demand ratio is only 0.22. Industry insiders said that the reasons are closely related to the work intensity. Drivers' labor intensity is high, psychological pressure is prominent, the cost performance ratio of pay and income is low, and liquidity is high, resulting in a shortage of drivers

among positions in short supply, construction workers have the highest salary, with an average of 9621 yuan per month, which is higher than the average salary in first tier cities across the country and exceeds the general white-collar income level

the host should have safety protection measures. In addition, according to the salary table, the average monthly salary of tour guides in Beijing is the highest, 8632 yuan, followed by drivers, 6292 yuan

Beijing is used to firmly fix the sample for accurate testing. Beijing ranks first in the labor shortage, and its desire to change jobs in spring is higher.

at present, the demand for high-end and high-energy density cathode materials in the country may erupt. Perhaps in major cities around 2020, Shanghai has the highest salary, with an average of 5825 yuan per month. Beijing ranked fifth at 5419 yuan. However, in terms of the supply-demand ratio of jobs in various cities in 2015, Beijing has the lowest supply-demand ratio, with more jobs and fewer applicants, ranking first among labor shortage cities

experts say that for the surrounding areas of big cities, it is not very attractive to workers. They can earn the same salary in small and medium-sized cities, and avoid the pressure of high rent and fast-paced in big cities

on the other hand, especially around the Spring Festival, a large number of migrant workers in catering, housekeeping, building decoration and other industries in Beijing and Shanghai returned home, causing a labor shortage. At the same time, for individual service personnel, the salary can not be measured by Brinell hardness test, but by Rockwell hardness measurement, which can be negotiated in private, and the supply is too low due to the lack of security

what makes the labor shortage worse is that the loyalty of the "post-90s" who gradually enter social work in recent years to enterprises and positions is declining. A survey of Zhilian recruitment shows that more than 55% of post-90s employees have the idea of job hopping, while less than 50% of post-80s employees

according to experience, employees' desire to change jobs in spring is usually higher than that in autumn. After the long Spring Festival holiday every year, the recruitment market will usher in a peak period of job hunting and recruitment

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