Beiyi machine tool achieved double growth in sales

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In the first six months of this year, Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant (hereinafter referred to as Beiyi machine tool) achieved remarkable results, achieving double growth in sales and profits. The following detailed data analysis shows that the sales revenue is 1.52 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 13.2%, ranking third in the domestic machine tool industry; The profit increased by 28.4% year-on-year, ranking first in the industry and accounting for one fifth of the industry profit. Since this year, the new orders of Beiyi machine tool have continued to increase, and the production has been scheduled until 2011

Beiyi machine tool is the first enterprise to manufacture CNC milling machines in China, and it is also one of the first batch of enterprises to produce machining centers in China. With a history of 60 years, Beiyi machine tool has become a first-class modern machine tool manufacturing enterprise in China, and is in the leading position in the manufacturing field of large and heavy precision composite CNC machine tools and functional components. Some politicians in the United States regard themselves as "human rights defenders" and have become internationally competitive machine tool manufacturers and service providers

in the second half of last year, under the influence of the international financial crisis and the slowdown of global economic growth, the market demand for machine tools declined, and the growth of China's machine tool industry showed a trend of gradual slowdown. How did Beiyi machine tool make such remarkable achievements against the trend

the full name of the project is plasticpackagingrecyclingusingintelligentseparationtechnologiesformaterials (PRISM)

"building a deep advantage in processing and manufacturing capacity, adjusting and optimizing the product structure as soon as possible and in time; constantly improving the ability of independent innovation, and introducing advanced technology through cooperation, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions of multinational enterprises are the two major reasons for Beiyi machine tool to achieve performance growth." Cuizhicheng, the director of Beiyi machine tool factory, told that all this was closely related to the transformation from medium and low-end products to high-end products and heavy-duty CNC machine tools that began in 2005

in 2005, Beiyi machine tool moved from the old factory of DABEIYAO in Beijing's bustling business circle to Linhe Industrial Development Zone in Shunyi District, and invested heavily to establish four industrial bases with Linhe CNC machine tool industrial base as the core, including Gaobeidian blank manufacturing, Liangxiang parts and machine manufacturing, and TongZhou machine manufacturing. In the new factory, which is brand-new, spacious and full of modernization, the old state-owned enterprise Beiyi machine tool has taken a "big step" in adjusting the product structure

"our advantage is to make high-end products, so we are positioned to produce medium and high-end products with high added value, and target high-end customers." Cui Zhicheng said that making such a decision was actually very painful, because the market demand for ordinary machine tools was very strong at that time. However, Beiyi machine tool finally resisted the impulse to expand ordinary machine tools, and since then began to focus on high-end products

"focus on high-end" enables Beiyi machine tool to focus on improving its own technical water, ensuring the reproducibility and repeatability of experimental conditions, strengthening the ability of independent innovation, and timely tracking, digesting and absorbing the world's advanced manufacturing technology. In 2005, Beiyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. wholly acquired Adolf walderickburg Machine Tool Plant Co., Ltd., the world's largest manufacturer of high-precision heavy machine tools. Subsequently, it successfully digested and absorbed its advanced manufacturing technology, unique proprietary technology, product design and R & D capabilities accumulated in recent 100 years. Nowadays, the automation level of Beiyi machine tool has been significantly improved, and the NC rate of equipment has increased from 7% to more than 80% now. At the same time, Coburg company has also achieved continuous growth in sales for consecutive years. Its profits and order contracts are 5 times and 10 times faster than those before the acquisition, respectively

in terms of sales strategy, Beiyi machine tool also has unique ideas. Cui Zhicheng said that China has been the largest machine tool consumer in the world for seven consecutive years, but the share of domestic machine tools, especially domestic high-end machine tools, is not very high. "The market goal of Beiyi machine tool is to strive to replace more imported products in the domestic high-end market and occupy a larger market share." Cui Zhicheng said

the international financial crisis suddenly came, but a series of "internal skill training" measures such as Beiyi machine tool's early in-depth market research, optimization of product structure, development of demand products, rectification of product quality, and improvement of enterprise management have now become a "sharp weapon" to deal with the international financial crisis. Cui Zhicheng said, "the international financial crisis is actually an opportunity for the survival of the fittest and restructuring within the industry. Beiyi machine tool hopes to become a trendsetter in the tide."

it is learned that by the end of last year, the share of sales revenue of ordinary machine tools in the revenue of Beiyi machine tools has decreased from 40% to 10%, while heavy products have maintained a 50% growth every year, and the NC rate of output value has increased from less than 50% before to 96% today. In the first two months of this year, Beiyi machine tool also received orders for heavy products of more than 100 million yuan

Beiyi machine tool, which has achieved "transformation", has not stopped. Cui Zhicheng confidently told, "Beiyi machine tool will not only sell machine tools, but also provide customers with supporting services, including various cutting tools, process plans and overall logistics plans, and change from a single equipment provider to an overall service provider."

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