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In the middle of Beijing, the technology of ultrasonic vibration atomization and pulverization with even plastic increasing positions may continue to rise

on June 16, even plastic jumped open high, and the final market closed red across the board. The main contract l0809 opened at 15690 in the morning. At the beginning of the market, it was pressured by short buying, and the futures price fluctuated and weakened, with the lowest down to 15370. With strict rules, it showed a sideways consolidation. At 10:38, long buying made an upward attack, with the highest up to 15950 points, The closing price rose 160 points to 15780. Intraday trading was active, and the transaction reached a new high, with the volume reaching 141650 hands, and the position increased by 2576 hands to 18122 hands. The total transaction volume of each contract was 141654 hands, with a total position of 18196 hands

in the spot market, the spot market of China plastics polyethylene continued to show an adjustment trend, and the price fell slightly. Because the enthusiasm of downstream receiving goods has not been significantly improved, and the market lacks transaction support, therefore, although most petrochemical enterprises automatically dispose of the experimental data after leaving the factory according to the requirements of the experimental method, the price remained stable, but the supporting effect on the market does not seem to be very obvious. At present, the mainstream price of LLDPE market is yuan/ton

in the warehouse receipt market, the LLDPE warehouse receipt in the China Plastics warehouse receipt market jumped short, opened low and went high, and the tail market was green. The main warehouse receipt ll0808 opened at 15118 points, and the intraday warehouse receipt price showed a steady rise, with a maximum rise of 15300 points and a minimum of 15118 points. The tail market fell 127 points from the settlement price last Friday to 15300 points. Intraday trading was light, with 55 transactions and 516 positions; The LLDPE warehouse receipts in Jinyin Island warehouse receipt market fluctuated in a wide range, and the final market rose across the board. The main warehouse receipts ll0808 opened at 15300 points, with an intraday high of 15465 points and a low of 14789 points. Compared with the settlement price on Friday, the final market rose 154 points to 15400 points, with 567 transactions and 865 positions

in the upstream market, NYMEX crude oil futures ended lower on Friday because it was reported that Saudi Arabia was considering increasing production, and the dollar rose after the U.S. inflation data in May. The settlement price of NYMEX crude oil futures in July closed down $1.88 to $134.86 a barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures in London in July was $134.25, down $1.84. In terms of ethylene, Asian ethylene recently closed up sharply, and CFR Northeast Asia rose $40 to $1/ton, CFR Southeast Asia rose $50 to $per ton

the international crude oil market fluctuated at a high level, the domestic LLDPE spot market showed an adjustment trend, and the price fell slightly. Because the downstream enthusiasm for receiving goods has not been significantly improved, the transaction was sluggish. However, in view of the fact that the domestic market supply pattern has not changed significantly, in a comprehensive view, even after the adjustment of the plastic futures market, it may rise again, and pay close attention to the dynamics of the crude oil market

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