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Beiying ductile iron pipe company of Benxi Iron and Steel Group has successfully mass produced DN2600 ductile iron pipes. Recently, the first batch of 20 DN2600 ductile iron pipes produced by Beiying ductile iron pipe company of Benxi Iron and steel group have been successfully rolled off the production line, which not only makes Benxi Iron and Steel Group one of the backbone enterprises in the current world pipe manufacturing industry with the production of ultra large diameter pipes, but also becomes the industry leader, and will become the new benefit growth point of the pipe company this year

this batch production of DN2600 cast pipes with a single length of 6 meters and a weight of 11.209 tons is the use of polyurethane accumulated by Beiying cast pipe company in the forward turning of steam turbine and electromechanical equipment. It is also very important to meet the market demand, expand the application field of the product market, organize professional and technical personnel to carry out the technical transformation of the technical indicators of the spring pressure testing machine for capacity expansion and capacity expansion of the existing production line equipment, and complete many product production commissioning. The products will be mainly used in water supply, gas transmission, oil transportation and other fields in municipal and industrial and mining enterprises. The successful production of DN2600 cast pipes has made the products of Benxi steel cast pipes more diversified and laid a solid foundation for the "Benxi Steel brand" cast pipes to occupy the market. (source/Benxi, Wen/Wang Haiyang, it is used to measure the tensile strength of paper and paperboard and other similar thin sheet materials,/Li Hongwei)

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