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Expert: Belgium is lack of anti-terrorism expertise, and it is difficult to plug security loopholes

[global comprehensive report] according to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao on November 2, among them: s-contraction rate; D-die size; The size of m-plastic parts is 4. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, Belgium quickly raised the alert level, but security experts believe that although Belgium is in a hurry to invest money to strengthen anti-terrorism, there is insufficient anti-terrorism expertise, and it may be difficult to plug security loopholes

it is reported that Belgium has been lax in prevention for many years and has become a gathering place for Islamic extremists, some of which even involve terrorist attacks in Paris. Belgian Prime Minister Michel recently decided to invest an additional 400million euros (about 2.72 billion yuan) in 2016 to strengthen intelligence monitoring. Over the weekend, the Belgian government raised the anti-terrorism alert level in the capital Brussels to the highest level Four on the grounds that the country is facing a serious threat. Almost the whole city of Brussels stopped. Not only did the subway stop working, shopping malls and museums were closed, but all outdoor activities were also cancelled

however, colset, a professor of international relations at Ghent University in Belgium, pointed out that Belgium is facing the problem of insufficient expertise in counter-terrorism. He pointed out that Belgium has stopped recruiting intelligence personnel in the past few years, and now there are about 100 vacancies to be filled

it is reported that the terrorist attack in Paris also reflects the loopholes in Europe's counter-terrorism. One of them is that the Schengen zone allows the people of European Member States to travel freely, and terrorists can freely enter and leave between Brussels and Paris, while administrative constraints between countries prevent intelligence personnel from tracking suspicious people. These make the counter-terrorism work face great limitations

EU anti terrorism coordinator kirchov said that it was a challenge to persuade intelligence officials of various countries to share intelligence. European interior Commissioner Avramopoulos called on European countries to consider establishing a joint European intelligence agency on the 20th to change the situation that intelligence has been put into production for a short time due to excessive maintenance of confidentiality. Security analysts also believe that to break through technological bottlenecks and limitations, Europe must focus on solving the problem of immigration integration in the long run

kirchov warned that more terrorist attacks would occur in the future, but it would not be possible to resist terrorist attacks in a day

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