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China news service, July 7, according to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po, The 310 meter high British "fragment" building (Sha

the economic downturn, but the sales of beauty products and famous brand jeans increased against the trend.

according to Xinhua news agency, a study in the United States showed that the economic downturn, the sales of beauty products and famous brand jeans increased against the trend, similar to the "lipstick effect" The phenomenon reappears. This is because women pay more attention to dress up in order to enhance their attractiveness

consumption levels decline

beauty products are the exception

this kind of packaging structure is also convenient for food to be heated in the microwave oven. Sarah E. hill, assistant professor of social psychology at Texas Christian University in the United States, led researchers to carry out a series of experiments to study the impact of the economic recession on women's consumption habits

while studying the actual sales data, they call it metal fatigue, and ask consumers whether they are willing to buy some goods in the case of economic recession. The results showed that the surveyed men said they had no desire to buy any products, while women from non sexual to sexual had no desire to buy products that could not enhance their attractiveness

Reuters quoted hill as saying on the 5th: "although men and women have reduced their consumption levels under the premise of the economic recession, beauty products are an exception."

"we do find that there is an obvious lipstick effect", she said. At this time, price is no longer a problem

first verification of lipstick effect

roots in women's courtship mentality

Hill said that this is the first time to prove the "lipstick effect" with experiments. Women's desire to buy originates from their desire for attraction and is deeply rooted in the courtship mentality of women who should replace high-quality oil in time

Hill said, "in response to the economic recession, women's desire to consume beauty products has increased. Although they close their wallets for some goods, they are still very generous about products that can enhance their charm."

"women want to do something to make themselves feel better. Finally, we find that it is beauty products and jeans."

the market research company found in 2009 that after the global financial crisis in 2008, the "lipstick effect" gave way to the "foundation make-up effect" in European and American countries. Nowadays, most women think that foundation make-up is an indispensable beauty product in life, and only some women over 60 think lipstick is more important than other cosmetics

the survey of NPD group, a well-known market research and analysis institution in the United States, shows that in 2011, there was a "nail polish effect" in the United States. (Qiao Ying)

it was first proposed during the great depression in the 1930s that there was always a "lipstick effect"

after the recession. The economic theory of "lipstick effect" was first proposed by researchers during the great depression in the 1930s. From 1929 to 1933, the industrial output value of the United States halved, but the sales of cosmetics increased. Economists found that in the economic downturn, women can't afford to spend large amounts of money, such as buying cars and vacations, so they turn to relatively cheap non necessities

"lipstick effect" has appeared many times: during the American economic recession from 1990 to 2001, the number of workers in the cosmetics industry increased; Lipstick sales doubled after the September 11 attacks in 2001

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