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In 2005, the output of PVC resin in China will reach 3million tons/year according to experts' prediction, by 2005, the production capacity of PVC resin in China will exceed 3.8 million tons, with an output of 3million tons/year

the production of PVC resin in China has always been insufficient, and it has been dependent on imports for a long time. In order to change this situation, China built (expanded) some PVC projects in 1999, mainly the joint method project of Hebei Cangzhou Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. importing dichloroethane (EDC), with an additional PVC capacity of 230000 tons/year; 80000 T/a PVC project of ethylene oxychlorination process of Jinhua Chemical Industry Group; Suzhou HuaSu Plastic Co., Ltd. imported VCM to produce 100000 t/a PVC project, etc. In addition, many enterprises have newly (expanded) the production capacity of calcium carbide process or increased the polymerization production capacity by adopting new technologies, which has also increased the production capacity of PVC resin to a certain extent

according to the development plan of China's petrochemical industry, which will further improve this kind of composite materials, several sets of driving effect devices with an annual output of more than 200000 tons of PVC and a logistics transportation ratio of 1:4 have been included in the plan. While increasing the production capacity, Shandong Sida high tech will gradually eliminate the following seven uncompetitive and backward small calcium carbide process devices that Shandong Sida high tech will share with you. At that time, The output of PVC in China will increase greatly, and the quality will approach or reach the international advanced level. In addition to ordinary PVC resin, the varieties and brands for special purposes will be greatly increased, such as profiles, pipes, special materials for cables, etc

it is understood that the PVC resin production projects to be reconstructed and expanded in the future mainly include: large-scale oxychlorinated PVC projects such as Shanghai Tianyuan Group, Fujian Petrochemical Group, Jinhua Chemical Industry Group, Dagu chemical plant of Tianjin Bohai group, PVC production projects of imported ethylene, EDC or VCM by enterprises such as Hebei Cang PDS plant, Qingtian Tongxia resin plant Baotou Yellow River Chemical Co., Ltd. and other enterprises' calcium carbide PVC reconstruction and expansion projects, as well as downstream industries such as the PVC project of Dalian Shide group, if the above projects can be implemented, it will change the situation of PVC in short supply in China and play a certain role

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