China's rubber demand will increase in the short t

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China's rubber demand will increase in the short term

Shanghai natural rubber (25925945.00,3.78%) futures contract rose sharply in early trading on May 1. The news that China reduced the reserve fund boosted the optimistic outlook of the market. China is the largest rubber demand market. In addition, the intervention of European and American central banks in the foreign exchange market promoted the demand for asset preservation. The rubber market will rise in the near future

On January 29, the settlement price of January crude oil contract on the New York Mercantile futures exchange rose 57 cents to $100.36 a barrel. The Federal Reserve and several other major central banks agreed to cut the interest rate of the existing temporary US dollar liquidity swap arrangement by 50 basis points. Through this swap arrangement, the Federal Reserve can provide dollars to other central banks, which in turn provide dollars to banks under its jurisdiction. Private sector employment data released in the United States was higher than expected. The report released by ADP shows that the number of private sector employees in the United States in November increased by 206000 yesterday morning. Economists expect an increase of 130000. However, the inventory data released by the United States showed that crude oil and distillate oil inventories rose unexpectedly last week, and the rise of crude oil futures was limited. The rise of crude oil will increase the cost of synthetic rubber and be beneficial to the natural rubber market

weather conditions, natural rubber production area in Thailand, cloudy in North Central Thailand and cloudy in South Thailand; Malaysia production area, rainy in the south of the Malay Peninsula, cloudy in the north of Kalimantan island; In Indonesia, there is rain in the north of Sumatra island equator, in the south of Sumatra island equator, and in the south of Kalimantan island; China production area, Hainan Xiaoyu, Yunnan Xiaoyu. Recent weather has little impact on rubber cutting production and transportation

in the Asian spot market, prices were mostly flat the previous trading day. The market sought guidance from the European finance ministers' meeting this week. No deal was reached and most buyers were waiting to see. A Singapore trader said that the PMI data to be released by China on Thursday is expected to be weak, and the euro zone worries continue, which may drag down the price decline. The RSS3 price of Thai No. 3 cigarette adhesive shipped in January is 329 cents per kilogram "This can be changed according to customer needs and component design. On January 1, the official FOB quotation of Malaysian standard rubber SMR20 in January rose slightly in the morning.

basic knowledge of testing machine in other aspects, the international rubber research group said that the deterioration of the European debt crisis threatened the growth of the global economy, or led to lower demand for natural rubber. Stephen, Secretary General of the International Rubber Research Group, said in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg that natural rubber added additional processing facilities It takes time to apply. The demand for glue should weaken in the near future, and the long-term demand will also decrease. In the next three to four years, we may see oversupply; As long as there are hundreds of thousands of tons of oversupply or oversupply, the price will be impacted. Some producers turned to synthetic rubber, which also reduced the demand for natural rubber

on the whole, the commodity market will enter a rising period. China unexpectedly lowered the margin in advance, indicating that the extreme tightening policy has ended. The determination to support economic growth began to drive up the commodity market. The central banks of developed countries provide us dollar liquidity stimulus to increase the demand for hedging. In addition to the pressure of the European debt crisis, the market outlook is optimistic. The peripheral situation is favorable to the rubber market. Demand is expected to pick up. The import level of Chinese traders will increase accordingly. Although the domestic inventory is high, this is not formed in the short term. The inventory level in the past two years has been at a high level. The price of rubber will rise, but the range is limited. The data and analysis at home and abroad are reflecting the trend of oversupply. The measures taken by major producing countries to reduce production have not been effective, so that the effect of continuing to promote the reduction of production is in doubt. The recent recovery will not look too strong

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