China's plastic demand is expected to grow by 9% t

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The demand for plastics in China is expected to increase by 9% this year.

according to the latest research report of the British AMI consulting company, in 2004, high plastic prices did not restrain the growth of the demand for thermoplastic plastics in China

ami predicts that the market demand for thermoplastics in China in 2004 will increase by nearly 9% compared with that in 2003. China relies on imported plastics to meet the shortage of domestic supply, which means that China has been integrated with the international market and changes with the international trend. The high price of raw materials in the international market has led to a rise in the price of plastics. Taking Jixi as an example, the plastics processing plant is facing great operating pressure, but this has not affected the total demand for plastics in China

the high price of plastic has a negative impact on the markets of Southeast Asian countries. Some plastic processing businesses in South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, China, where the plastic market is relatively mature, have been transferred to mainland China, Vietnam and other low-cost processing regions. Europe is the world's largest dairy packaging consumer market. AMI predicts that the thermoplastic market in the Far East in 2004 will increase by more than 6% over the previous year, and the total demand will be close to 50million yuan. However, if China is not included, the year-on-year increase in the market is as follows: the range will be reduced to 2.5%

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