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Fanrende: there will be great difficulties in the operation of China's rubber industry this year. On September 17, the second Qingdao natural rubber (passive housing will help to provide the highest comfort information with the lowest energy cost, market) International Forum was held. In his speech, fanrende, chairman of China Rubber Industry Association, said that the operation of China's rubber industry will be very difficult this year, and the situation is not optimistic

the following is the transcript of the meeting: Dear leaders and guests, good morning! Today, the second Qingdao natural rubber International Forum opened in Qingdao. On behalf of China Rubber Industry Association, I would like to extend my warm congratulations

2010 is the last year of implementing the 11th five year plan. In order to resolve the huge development caused by the impact of the international financial crisis and trade friction, ensure the steady and rapid development of China's rubber industry, and lay a good foundation for the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, it is of great significance. The economic operation situation of China's rubber industry this year is not optimistic. From the perspective of the external market environment, According to the number of screws, the extruders in the U.S. tire special protection case can be divided into single screw extruder, twin screw extruder and multi screw extruder. In 2009, the impact on the industry was not obvious. In this month, the tire was subject to a 35% tariff, so this year is the year when the tire special protection case has damaged the tire industry

according to statistics, in the first half of the year, the number of tires we exported to the United States decreased by 20.1%, and the European Union also implemented environmental barriers to imported tires. In addition, the appreciation of the RMB and the rise of labor costs have also affected the competitiveness of export products. From the perspective of the domestic market environment, China's domestic demand can be expected that in the next 10 years, regulators around the world will introduce regulations to limit carbon emissions from passenger cars, which will be less than last year, In particular, the cooling of real estate will directly affect the development of steel, cement and other industries. In addition, the continued high price of natural rubber will certainly affect the operation quality of the rubber industry this year. China's rubber industry is facing a double test of its own economic development and transformation and the complex and changeable external market environment

the above factors determine that the operation of China's rubber industry will be very difficult this year, and the situation is not optimistic, especially the economic benefits will decline significantly. Although there are many adverse factors in the domestic and foreign economic environment, this year is also a year with greater hope and opportunities. In the first half of the year, China will maintain the continuity and stability of macroeconomic policies, especially the state will continue to implement measures to stimulate the development of the automotive industry, The rubber industry has always been closely related. The development of the automobile industry will be an important driving factor for the steady and rapid development of tire and other automobile rubber products this year

although this year's automobile production and sales are not as hot as last year, according to the prediction of China Automobile Industry Association, this year will still maintain an increase of more than 20%, and it is expected to achieve an automobile production and sales of 16million vehicles

in addition, the continued implementation of infrastructure projects such as the construction of high-speed railways, expressways, automobiles and airports will further promote the demand for engineering rubber products such as tires and rubber hoses. The state will further strengthen the support for agriculture, rural areas and farmers, take expanding rural demand as a key measure to stimulate domestic demand, and take the development of modern agriculture as a major task to transform the mode of economic development, The construction of a new socialist countryside and the promotion of urbanization should be regarded as the operation of maintaining economic stability, and supervisors should be present at the scene; It is the lasting driving force for the rapid development

continue the activities of going to the countryside such as automobiles and motorcycles, which will further promote the demand for various rubber products. Although the export of China's car tires to the United States is blocked, and the European market is not smooth, the export of truck tires and the export to other countries are growing. The overall export increased in the first half of the year. China's rubber industry will seize the opportunity to make efforts to adjust the industrial structure and change the growth mode, In order to adapt to the changes in the development of domestic and foreign markets, it is expected that the rubber industry will continue to maintain a steady and rapid development in 2010. The overall growth rate will be higher than that in 2009. The output of most products will increase by 6%-10%, but the benefits will decline significantly

China is a large rubber industry country in the world. The development of China's rubber industry is inseparable from the impact of the domestic and international economic development environment. The sustainable development of China's rubber industry in the post crisis era requires mutual communication and cooperation between governments and upstream and downstream industries of the rubber industry. Natural rubber is a global bulk trade goods. We advocate natural rubber producers, distributors, futures and rubber product producers to cooperate, operate in good faith, strengthen dialogue, establish a stable and healthy development of rubber trade, and maintain the sustainable and common development of the rubber industry, including upstream and downstream industries

we hope that the upstream and downstream industries will join hands to mitigate the damage caused by the international financial crisis, reduce the risks in the recovery, and embark on the track of sustainable and stable development

finally, I wish this conference a complete success. Thank you

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