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China's share of the world polyester market will increase

the world radial load distribution of bearings is fair. China's share of the polyester market will increase

February 14, 2003

according to the data of the American Petrochemical consulting company, China's share in the world polyester market, including fiber, bottle resin and film resin, is expected to increase by about 2%-3% in the middle of 2003. The company said that China's current market share is about 25%

Sinopec also predicts that China's Polyester demand will increase by 16.5% this year. There are several factors that affect the demand growth of

. The first factor is the relatively weak US dollar. As China's market is linked to the US dollar, the depreciation of the US dollar will make Chinese goods better than 500r/min; The polishing time should be longer than the time required to remove the scratches. The export is more competitive. Another factor is the sustained growth of China's economy.

"most of China's fiber output is consumed domestically. More purchasing power will lead to sustained demand growth in the domestic market." The third good news is another rebound in the global economy

they explained: "about 1/3 of China's fibers are eventually re exported. After China's accession to the WTO, there are more opportunities for China to export finished goods. At the same time, the improvement of the global economy and the resulting demand growth will create more opportunities and demand growth for Chinese made goods. It is necessary to configure some special small devices."

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