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Paint is a very important part of home decoration. Malay paint is a new dark horse in home decoration. Malay paint decoration has strong artistic effect and comfortable texture, so more and more people begin to choose Malay paint

art paint Malay paint is a kind of decorative paint with high quality, elegance and modern trend characteristics. Its elegant decorative effect exceeds and replaces the previous paint and wallpaper. It is a new paint with long-term development prospects. At present, many businesses in the market claim that their own Malay paint is imported. How to distinguish the imported Malay paint

what is Malay paint

Malay paint is an imported product. Its English name is stucco, which means plaster. It was introduced into China because its texture pattern is similar to the hoof print shape of a horse galloping, so it is named " Malay paint "e;. Malay paint was once a new type of wall art paint popular in Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan. The paint surface is smooth and has a stone effect. Malay paint is a kind of slurry paint mixed with attapulgite and acrylic lotion, which produces various textures by batch scraping on the wall with various batch scraping tools Its artistic effect is obvious, and its quality and feel are smooth. It is the representative of a new kind of artistic paint

identification of the authenticity of imported Malay paint

1. Check the customs declaration form

imported Malay paint needs to go through the customs. Naturally, there is a customs declaration form. When purchasing, you can ask the supplier for the customs declaration form to check, and identify the authenticity of the customs declaration form at the same time. If the demand is large, you can go to the relevant customs unit for telephone verification

2. Packaging identification

generally speaking, imported Malay paint is packaged with iron barrel color printing, and the printing is exquisite. The cost of color printing iron bucket is high, and the demand for art paint is not very large, so generally domestic manufacturers that fake imported art paint will not make this venture investment. Of course, many foreign famous companies, such as German STO, use plastic packaging, but through the fineness of the appearance, it is easy to distinguish between imported art paint and domestic art paint

3. Material appearance

from the appearance of the material, the performance of imported wall art paint, art paint, imported diatom mud, imported Malay paint, texture paint and art paint is relatively stable, and its gloss will not be too strong or too dim, which is basically more soft gloss. At the same time, compared with similar domestic art paint, its hand feel is fine and its color is soft. Of course, the judgment of this performance requires people with certain paint knowledge and experience, who can master it better

precautions for the construction of Malay paint

1. The label should be carefully mixed before the paint is used, and the cover must be tightly covered after use

2. The storage and construction of the coating should comply with the temperature conditions of Yuanbao in the new product specification, which should generally be above 5 ℃. If the coating is frozen during storage and transportation, it should be placed in a room with a higher temperature and allowed to thaw naturally. It is not allowed to bake by fire. The thawed paint can be used only after it is confirmed that there is no qualitative change

3. The color matching of paint is best completed by the manufacturer or distributor. To ensure the color consistency of this batch of paint. If color matching is required in the interview at the construction site, the color paste of the manufacturer's supporting or designated brand and origin must be used. According to the use requirements and proportion. It shall be allocated by special personnel

4. Some polyurethane coatings contain more free toluene diisocyanate. During the evaporation process of painting, the latex paint will turn yellow. It is better to brush the latex paint when the polyurethane paint is completely dry

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the identification of the authenticity of imported Malay paint. I hope it can effectively help you. Please pay attention to more information





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