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In modern home decoration, some people like wallpaper, others prefer paint, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of paint and wallpaper

in modern home decoration, some people like wallpaper, while others prefer paint. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of paint and wallpaper

Wallpaper: highly decorative

wallpaper, also known as wallpaper, is a kind of special paper used to decorate walls. On the 4th floor of fu'anju, I learned from Ruibao wallpaper brand store that wallpaper has certain strength, beautiful appearance and good water resistance. The surface is easy to clean and does not contain harmful substances. It is commonly used in the interior decoration of houses, offices and hotels

in terms of price, there are usually prices ranging from 20 yuan to 40 yuan/roll, 100 yuan/roll, 150 yuan/roll, etc. the cost per square meter of wallpaper = base film + wallpaper + glue + labor. It is understood that there are three popular wallpaper styles in Yongcheng this year: modern, European and new Chinese


1 It has a complete variety and a wide range of designs and colors, which has a strong decorative effect

2. The paving time is short, which can greatly shorten the construction period

3. It has relatively good wear resistance and pollution resistance, and is convenient for cleaning

4. It has crack prevention function. When making emulsion paint on the insulation board, whether it is with dacron cloth or bandage, some cracks are exposed not long after the handover, and wallpaper can play a good role in avoiding this defect. As long as the pavement is in place, small cracks will not appear again

5. It is very convenient for daily use and maintenance. It can be washed and wiped without other special requirements


1 It is easy to be scratched, and it is inconvenient to clean once it is stained with oil

2. General wallpaper has high requirements for the humidity of the wall and the room. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to be affected by moisture and crack

paint: environmentally friendly wallpaper pasted on the wall

in addition to wallpaper, a new breathing paint has been produced at present. At a sales point in a shopping mall, I saw wonderful patterns on the wall. However, the salesperson said that they were painted with paint, which had the same aesthetic effect as wallpaper, but was more environmentally friendly& ldquo; Breathing paint ” It is a kind of powdery inorganic coating, which has the characteristics of formaldehyde control, air purification, moisture and mildew prevention

according to the shopping guide of haoerbao, whether it's “ Up to standard coating ” Or “ Environmental friendly coatings &rdquo& ldquo; Green paint ”, First of all, it must meet the national limit standards for harmful substances. It should be said that the coating that meets the standard is safe. Although VOC in paint is harmful to human body, as long as VOC is within the limit, it is not enough to cause too much harm to human body

in addition, it is best not to buy coatings with essence added, because additives themselves are a chemical product, which is difficult to protect the environment


1 Powder coating is healthy and environmental friendly. All kinds of liquid chemical harmful film-forming, dispersing, wetting, leveling, anti-corrosion and anti mildew additives added to achieve the coating performance are omitted

2. Convenient transportation and storage. Ordinary coatings contain about 20% - 50% water, while in powder coatings, this part of water is added only when it is used on site; In other words, this part of water does not need to be transported or stored. In addition, water containing coatings tend to freeze when the temperature of transportation and storage is lower than 0 ℃, while latex powder coatings do not have this problem

3. There is no preservative. In the traditional liquid paint, there is both water and bacterial food, which is easy to be polluted by bacteria. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, preservatives should be added, and latex powder coating has no bacterial pollution problem, so preservatives are not required




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