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On December 3, the flower basket was fragrant, the salute was thundering, and the Guangxi lion dance team showed its style! The flagship store of Fulinmen family in Yulin, Guangxi is grandly opened

December, the double twelfth festival of carnival,

December 3, 2016,

flower baskets fragrance, salutes roar

Guangxi lion dance team shows its style

the flagship store of Fulinmen family in Yulin, Guangxi is grandly opened

Yulin is the political, economic and cultural center in the southeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, adjacent to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, facing Southeast Asia, backed by the southwest, bordering the Beibu Gulf to the south, the "4+2" city in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the experimental area of cross strait agricultural cooperation, and the coastal economic open zone of China. It is an important and convenient channel for China's southwest to go to sea

on the day of the opening ceremony, the salute was fired and the lion danced! At the opening ceremony, gifts are presented to the whole city, gifts are distributed, blessing bags are given to new and old customers, a lucky turntable, and many gifts! Keep sending

there are various selected doors and windows in the store, with various and novel styles, providing consumers with diversified products. Many customers come here, where they can not only feel the popular trend of door and window technology, but also feel the comfortable sensory experience brought by the doors and windows of Fulinmen family

on the day of opening, 28 big orders were signed. How does Mo in Yulin, Guangxi always do it

1. Product positioning, market preheating

good products have good customers, and good brands have good markets

"choice is greater than effort" is the summary of President mo after the activity. All the prerequisites are to get married with Fulinmen family and rely on its high-quality products and loud brands

three months before the opening, the marketing team of Fulinmen family entered Yulin and made a detailed analysis of the local market together with President Mo, making different product positioning according to the consumption level of different regions and communities. According to the market survey results, arrange store products, design store marketing strategies, and warm up the market for opening activities

2. Plan for the event and prepare for the rainy day

with market research, design a detailed activity plan according to the survey results. The two business managers were present in person to discuss the activity plan with President mo. What are the special products, which districts are favored by the preferential strength, and what preparations need to be made... The listing and solution of each problem makes the whole activity plan more and more clear and detailed

3. Integration of different industries, flow is king

from the moment of store decoration, President Mo came to contact different industries of building materials, try to bring orders to each other, and introduce customers. Through the resource integration of different industries, I can quickly accumulate a large number of customer resources in a period of time

4. Store interception, detonate the terminal

invite old customers to come to the store to receive a gift on the day of opening, introduce new customers, and send a big gift bag to enter the house. Do terminal interception in the store through gifts to take customers with them

materials design and atmosphere layout inside and outside the store at the opening site, participating in the "buy doors and windows win BMW" activity of Fulinmen family factory, and designing the door head and gongs, drums and lions team in advance, all of which set off a festive atmosphere and caught the attention of customers

5. Banquet activities, sending blessings to home

inviting new and old customers to attend the opening dinner, on-site lottery and other activities. Let customers feel the feeling of going home, feel the enthusiasm and intention of the Fulinmen family, and truly send their blessings home

only ingenuity, build a good door, natural blessing

about our

craftsman spirit practitioner and disseminator - Fulinmen family, which is subordinate to Guangdong Fulinmen family smart home Co., Ltd. (formerly Shenzhen Fulinmen smart doors and windows Co., Ltd.), is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of smart home, high-end smart security aluminum alloy doors and windows and high-end smart glass

the company is committed to the integrated operation of production, study, research and marketing of high-end aluminum alloy door and window intelligent system. The leading door and window store sales system is exported to all sectors of society all year round. At present, more than 600 dealers nationwide choose to join Fulinmen family, which is the leading brand of high-end intelligent security doors and windows in China

since its establishment in 2005, the company has established a complete dealer service system adhering to the brand proposition of "ingenuity benefits" and the business philosophy of "let dealers continue to make profits"

the company exports and reserves talents for stores free every year, establishes a business school, and formulates a complete training system, including strategy class, practical class training, product selling point and promotion training, and carries out systematic training for dealers for free many times every year. At the same time, the company also provides dealers with opening activity planning support, store activity plan support, factory and dealer linkage activity support, and has mature experience in event planning, advertising design and event operation





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