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On June 20, Shanghai Lianglong diatom mud Jiexiu flagship store held a distribution channel kick-off meeting, which was successfully concluded in the lilac ecological park in Jiexiu, Shanxi Province

on June 20, Shanghai Lianglong diatom mud Jiexiu flagship store held a distribution channel kick-off meeting, which ended successfully in the lilac ecological park in Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province!! The conference was held by Lianglong diatom mud Jiexiu dealers, and various decoration companies, ceramic tile sanitary ware and other industries, oil wood workers attended one after another

meeting layout site

the launch meeting of Lianglong diatom mud distribution was full, and many elites pursuing wealth gathered here. Distribution channels play a considerable role in products. Distribution is also essential if you want to expand the market. Most channels not only play the role of sales, but also achieve after-sales service and brand promotion. Only by choosing the right manufacturer and joining the right brand can we have a mature operation channel and a healthy market environment. We can build the market through the existing channels and win the market

more innovative and accurate guidance strategy

strong market team, elite of the new era, innovative, machine-made, accurate and efficient guidance strategy

a louder brand foundation

the company invested heavily in the publicity and promotion of CCTV, Xinhuanet, Qianlong, and other national authoritative media! In 2017, Wang Yan, a film and television superstar "Qingge", was officially signed as the spokesperson of Lianglong diatom mud

broader market prospects

Lianglong diatom mud has franchised stores all over the country, in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as in Hangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Taiyuan and other places

more cutting-edge scientific research and technical support

Lianglong diatom mud has established a cooperative relationship with Fuji Lianglong Research Institute in Japan, and cooperates with major universities to continuously provide strong technical research and development support for "Lianglong diatom mud" and occupy the competitive scientific research highland in the industry

join the Lianglong diatom mud brand to become rich successfully. The choice is greater than the effort. The opportunity can not be met. The strength of Lianglong diatom mud enterprise is strong, so you can win steadily from the starting line

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